CP17 Gas Safety Certificates are produced following physical tests and visual inspections that are carried out by a registered commercial gas safety engineer. The commercial gas safety checks are carried out on all the gas appliances and visibly accessible pipe work within a commercial property, to ensure they are in good and safe working condition.

The checks and tests carried out on the appliances and pipe work include boilers, cookers, fires, fittings, chimneys, gas meters and flues to ensure they are safe for commercial tenants,  employees and all visitors.

If an appliance uses an extraction system to remove combustion gases they will also undergo an inspection to assess if the extraction method is suitability or not.

You will receive a gas safety certificate from the gas engineer which records the results of the tests on the appliances within the property. For more at CP17 Gas Certificate.



Why do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?


As a commercial Landlord, Duty Holder or Managing Agent you are legally responsible for the health, safety & welfare of your tenants and visitors within your properties. If you do not carry out annual gas safety checks & inspections, you are putting lives at risk and could receive a substantial fine and/or a custodial sentence (imprisonment) for failure to comply.

By law all commercial properties must have a suitable fire detection system in place. It must be tested weekly and should be regularly serviced at lease every six months.

If your business is more at risk of fire such as a Fast Food Premises, Pub or Restaurant, we would recommend an automatic fire detection system is installed.


What Information Is Required?

Although our gas safety engineers will thoroughly check for all gas appliances within the commercial property, it is recommended that you provide us with a detailed log of all the appliances before we visit the property, so that we can ensure all appliances are ‘found’ and checked.

CP17 Gas Safety checks can be carried out between the 10th and 12th month from the date of the previous gas certificate (if the property has been continuously rented). So it’s important to provide the previous gas check date, to ensure we can carry-out the new gas check in sufficient time before the previous one runs out.

You will need to inform your tenant and arrange a suitable and convenient date, just in case the gas supply has to be disconnected, however this is rare. For more at CP17 Gas Certificate.



How to order a Gas Safe Inspection?

To order a CP17 Commercial Gas Safety Inspection in Stockton on Tees, Middlesbrough, Durham, Sunderland or Newcastle or if you would like more information, simply get in touch by giving us a call or sending us a message.