If you are another contractual worker who has quite recently entered the property preservation industry and is searching for work, or if you are an owner of a regional property preservation company and want to extend your business by working with more national companies, you have to understand where to apply for a vendor

So here I have attempted to aggregate a list of National Property Preservation Companies that work legitimately with the banks and HUD and are continually expecting to work with new vendors, besides connections to their vendor application portal and some brief data about each company.

National Property Preservation Companies

The following companies are the industry’s pioneers. At the end of the day, they control most of the Property Preservation jobs at a national level.

  • Cyprexx Services: Cyprexx Services has been giving quality, cost-effective property preservation services for over 25 years, initiating the flat-fee costing model.
    Address: 3804 Coconut Palm Dr, Tampa FL 33619
    Phone: 800-516-6348
  • Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS): MCS work on PnP, Eviction, REO, and Hazard Repairs. To turn into an MCS vendor, a contractor must have general risk protection and E&O Insurance with a $1 million coverage limit.Address: 4830 West Kennedy Blvd. Suite # 950, Tampa FL 33609
    Phone: 866-563-1100
  • Safeguard Properties:Safeguard is a national preservation company, they are expanded in all states and are additionally one of the easiest for becoming a vendor.
  • Address: Safeguard Properties, 7887 Hub Parkway, Valley View, OH 44125
    Phone: 855.563.9154
  • Spectrum Field Services:Spectrum is one of the guides in the field service industry and is bound to maintain that reputation. They keep on being a functioning member by serving with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).
    Address: 220 East Morris Ave Suite 400, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    Phone: 800-700-1701
  • US Best Repair Service:
    US Best Repair Service, Inc. is a full-service property preservation company across the country, cooperating with major financial foundations and real estate to give the highest quality in REO and Pre-REO property preservation, maintenance, and repair services.
    Address: 2004 McGaw Ave. Irvine CA 92614
    Phone: 888-750-2378

Some other National Property Preservation Companies

  1. Altisource
  2. Assero
  3. Asset Shield
  4. Brookstone
  5. First Allegiance
  6. ISN
  7. KeyStone
  8. Laudan
  9. Leading Edge Companies
  10. M&M
  11. MGMT
  12. MSI
  13. NFR
  14. NMB
  15. NPS
  16. NVMS
  17. PK
  18. Singlesource
  19. Solid Foundation
  21. Xome

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