We are in an era of technological bloom. Every few months or years, we are introduced to a new version of older technologies making our life extremely simple and convenient. Who knew that there would be a day in our lives when we would experience a more portable and accessible version of a laptop or computer? Isn’t it a miracle? Yes, the development of Raspberry Pi is nothing less than a miracle. The best part is that you can buy Raspberry Pi online and offline.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a reduced version of your laptop or desktop. It is usually the size of a credit card.

Raspberry Pi is a tiny single-board computer. It was developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in collaboration with Broadcom. They were initially developed for school students to learn basic computer science.

However, their popularity made their applications wider. Now, they are used to monitor the weather, learn programming languages, edge computing, home automation, build hardware projects, and implement Kubernetes clusters. Apart from the above, they are also used in various other industries for multiple purposes.

Working of Raspberry Pi.

  • Raspberry Pi uses the Linux operating system. Linux is an open-source operating system that creates interfaces between the computer’s hardware and software programs.
  • The Raspberry Pi also uses the Python language. Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language that develops graphical user interface (GUI) applications, websites, and web applications.
  • The primary objective of Raspberry Pi is to enable users to learn the operating system and language while using the device for various projects. Hence, the obligation to know the language and operating system before is reduced.
  • When you buy Raspberry Pi, you can enjoy WiFi and Bluetooth facilities.
  • With the basic model of Raspberry Pi, you can easily do projects like word clocks, environmental monitors, airplay speakers, informational displays, drones, retro games, and selfie bots to learn more.
  • The device has IoT technology with which you can communicate with other devices around a space. It also helps to automate some processes with smarter applications by coding.
  • You can also configure Raspberry Pi to display real-time data on a computer dashboard or any other electronic device.
  • The components of a Raspberry Pi include,
    • Central Processing Unit.
    • HDMI port.
    • Graphic Processing Unit.
    • Ethernet port.
    • SD card slot.
    • Input and Output (GPIO) pins.
    • USB port.
    • Power Source.

Types of Raspberry Pi.

There are several types of Raspberry Pi; they are:

  • Raspberry Pi model B
  • Raspberry Pi model A
  • Raspberry Pi model B+
  • Raspberry Pi Model A+
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W.


Raspberry Pi is a mini version of a laptop, and it is extremely useful in many other applications in various industries. The most important factor is that it enables people to understand and learn the programming languages Python and the operating system Linux. The accessibility of the device is also very high. You can easily buy Raspberry Pi online or offline. The device has a bright future due to its wide application range and tiny size, which solves the problem of portability.