Taxation has been an important source of funding for the building and upkeep of community amenities such as roads and parks, schools, and police. Individuals can pay their property taxes either annually or twice a year, whichever is most convenient for them. However, if a person fails to pay the tax for an extended length of time, he or she may incur penalties and a tax lien will be issued. If you are also looking for any kind of advice then interact with the Tax Lien Code. Well, in this article, we will discuss the complete aspects that many people have been looking for.


When a tax lien is imposed on a property?

There is no direct policy that IRS can impose a tax on any property. The property gets the tax lien when it has been under unpaid tax for a long time and also has not paid the penalty. Here are some stages which take the property on the tax lien.

  • If the person is not paid the tax then he or she has to pay the tax with a fine. There is an interest in the tax that depends on the provincial government which varies from 5% to 20%.
  • If you do not pay the tax declared on a tax return by the due date or an approved delayed due date, you will be subject to a failure to pay penalty. Every month that the amount is not paid, you will be assessed a penalty equal to 0.5% of the outstanding taxes.
  • If the person has not paid tax and penalties then the lien normally becomes unenforceable 10 years from the date of assessment for taxes assessed on or after November 6, 1990.

Once a person faces the tax lien on the property the government has the right to acquire the property. In a levy, the property is really taken to satisfy the obligation. The IRS has the right to levy, seize, and sell any kind of real estate or personal property that you possess or have an interest in if you don’t pay your debt or make agreements to resolve it.

In other words……

The federal or state government can place a tax lien on a property if the owner is in arrears on income taxes. Local governments may place a lien on a property for nonpayment of property or local income taxes. Rather, it ensures that the tax authority gets the first claim over any other creditors vying for the creditor’s assets.

Government issues the tax lien certificate and organizes the auction, if any investor raises the hand for paying the pending debt then he or she can invest in the tax lien certificate. The investor will give few time to pay the tax to the property owner. If still, the owner will not pay the tax as per the given time period of the person then the investor can hold the property. 


What Is the Purpose of a Tax Lien Certificate Sale?

The taxing authority sells the tax lien in a tax lien certificate sale. The buyer of a tax certificate acquires the right to collect the debt, fines, and interest after paying all from their own end. If the owner fails to pay the outstanding sums by a certain period, the lien purchaser can often foreclose or take other steps to convert the certificate to a deed. The individual or corporation that purchased the tax lien can obtain the property’s ownership by following a state-specific procedure.

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