Have you ever tried the wax pen? Do you know the difference between wax pens & dab pens? A wax pen makes the smoking THC concentrate, also known as the dabbing pen. The wax concentrate pen is the most portable option you should try when you enter the vaping world. The wax pen utilizes battery-powered coils for vaporizing the THC concentrates known as wax. This concentration is known as the high level of THC, which ranges up to 40 percent high to 90 percent.

How does the wax pen work?
A wax concentrate pen vaporizes the THC concentrate easily & quickly. This device is made up of the 3 main parts, which are a battery, atomizing chamber and mouthpiece. The pen’s atomizers contain coils that heat up when your battery is turned on. These coils are usually made of metal, so they can reach and maintain a high temperature.

Using a wax concentrate pen is very simple whether you are a beginner or an expert. To use this, first, you need to heat your device and load the concentrate onto the coils. The heat produced from the atomizer’s coils can instantly melt the wax. This is known for producing THC vapor.

Inhaling wax concentrate pen creates the best experience with fewer side effects. So, do you know what a wax pen is? Before that, you should start the working process! Now it’s time to learn how to use the wax pen by following the steps.

To start vaping, assemble the device and turn it on. Now set the temperature and load the wax & vape coils to clean it out. For more information, reach Higher Love Wellness.