Since 2018, Myle in UAE has been developing unique products with smart heating technology. Also, we saw that the demand for tastes inspired by nature and safer vaping methods is increasing yearly. We give our customers better flavors and more pleasurable vaping experiences. Our products have been produced by the Myle in UAE: flow, freshness, and open-mindedness. We created products with the finest component adaptability, pure flavor, and human-centered design to suit our clients’ demands.

They continue to innovate and manufacture new products, such as intelligent coils that boost performance from ever-smaller constructed vape products. Modern disposables deliver the best performance in the smallest containers. The Elfa pod system and the FB1000 pod kit, two more eco-friendly products, have greatly increased their range.


  • It has no tar since it doesn’t burn paper like cigarettes.
  • It doesn’t require a lighter or any other open flame, so it is secure indoors and doesn’t provide a fire danger.
  • Their liquid has fewer dangerous substances than cigarettes, which contain hundreds of cancer-causing chemicals, so they are a far healthier choice.
  • Does not endanger nonsmokers.
  • Because it is available in nicotine-free and forms with less nicotine, it is the greatest product for quitting.
  • Due to the aromas and artificial and natural tastes, it includes, it smells light and pleasant rather than rotten.
  • It has a lithium battery that depends on how many cycles are needed to start.
  • When suction is applied, an electrical connection ignites the boiler and disperses heat to the liquid.
  • The boiler is a key component of the eleven bar, generating heat and heating the liquid around it to make steam.
  • How frequently the merchandise was struck determines the device’s tank’s capacity and the liquid.
  • Myle in UAE is contained within the elven bar cage itself.


Because of its exceptional stability and longevity, the Myle Pods UAE disposable vape is the ideal battery for use in watercraft. Moreover, the device has a low internal resistance, guaranteeing efficient energy transmission. The internal 850mAh battery’s performance, stability, and longevity have all been enhanced. The 10ml e-juice capacity allows you to adjust the sweetness to your preferences. It will provide a satisfying throat hit and a substantial cloud lasting up to 4500 puffs with 5% nicotine. Those with allergies to other inhalers should pick the Myle Pods UAE. The included 1.2-ohm coil provides enough atomization on the exhale.


The Tugboat Evo lessens the weight of the price. Our website offers vaporizers for 35 AED each. At 4500 puffs for each product, Tugboat Evo offers a far better value than JUUL, even if you buy a couple. Without question, Vape Dubai’s best disposable vaporizer is the Tugboat Evo Disposable. Popular, reasonably priced, elegant, and available in various flavors is the Myle Pods UAE.

A vape bar benefits everyone who wants to quit smoking or likes vaping. The Tugboat Evo disposable vape is the best choice based on the cost, flavors, appearance, and user feedback. Now that you are fully informed about vaping, nothing can stop you from buying high-quality gear! Visit our sale items to get more premium vape products.