Attestation services in Dubai UAE refer to the process of verifying the authenticity of documents, such as educational certificates, professional qualifications, and personal documents like marriage certificates. These attestation procedures are essential when you want to use your documents for various purposes in the UAE, such as employment, education, immigration, or business-related activities.

Marriage certificate attestation is a specific type of attestation required for marriage certificates issued in a foreign country. When a married couple intends to move to the UAE or apply for a family visa, they will need to get their marriage certificate attested.

The UAE government requires marriage certificate attestation to ensure that the presented marriage certificate is genuine and legally valid in the issuing country. The attestation process adds a level of credibility to the document, making it acceptable for official purposes within the UAE. This process is also necessary to prevent fraudulent or fake certificates from being used for personal gain.

The general process for marriage certificate attestation in the UAE typically involves the following steps:

  • Notarization: The marriage certificate should first be notarized by the relevant authorities in the country where the marriage took place. This ensures that the document is legally valid and authentic.
  • Home Country Attestation: After notarization, the marriage certificate needs to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the designated government department in the issuing country. This step verifies the document’s authenticity at the national level.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation: Once the home country’s authorities have attested the marriage certificate, it must be taken to the UAE embassy or consulate in that country for further attestation. This step certifies the document’s legitimacy in the eyes of the UAE government.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UAE) Attestation: Finally, the attested marriage certificate must be submitted to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the last round of verification. After this step, the certificate becomes legally recognized for use within the UAE.

It is crucial to complete the attestation process before using the marriage certificate for any official purposes in the UAE, such as applying for a family visa, sponsoring a spouse, or enrolling children in schools under family sponsorship. By undergoing this attestation procedure, the UAE authorities can ensure the validity and authenticity of the marriage certificate, which helps maintain the integrity of their legal processes and systems.