There are a few critical points that you should remember if you want to change names on your Emirates flight. These points are as given below:

  • You can change your name without additional charges within 24 hours of booking.

  • After 24 hours of booking, a specific fee is applicable to make a name change; you must pay for the name correction.

  • You can change the name on the flight just one time. No further changes are allowed after one change.

How to talk to Emirates to correct my name on the flight?

You might wonder how do I talk to Emirates customer service to correct the name spelling. You can contact Emirates customer service in the following steps to update your name on your flight:

  • Navigate through the website of Emirates,

  • Click on the Help and contacts option.

  • You will get Emirates’ phone number for general queries, +9167003333.

  • Please call them on this number to speak with them.

  • ¬†Soon a representative will address your issue.

  • Tell them to correct your name on your flight and provide them with your flight details.

  • They will update your name on your flight.

Another method to correct the name on your flight:

Online method:

You can take the following steps to correct your name online:

  • Visit the website of Emirates.

  • Go to the Manage booking option.

  • Please enter the booking code and the last anime of the passenger.

  • When you get the flight details, click on the Modify name option.

  • Correct the spelling and pay the name correction fee if applicable.

  • You will get a new flight ticket with the corrected name in your email.


You can take help from Emirates if you need to correct your name. If you want to know how do I talk to Emirates to correct my name spelling, you can follow the steps in the section. You can also correct name spelling on their website.