Goldcrest Mall is the complete destination for shopping and entertainment, with over 200 stores to explore. Located in Lahore’s glamorous Phase IV DHA district, you can find exquisite luxury brands as well as a range of departments suitable for all tastes and budgets – from clothing boutiques to food courts! And if that wasn’t enough, it offers an arcade & spacious residences, too – so there’s something for everyone at Goldcrest Mall!

History of Goldcrest Mall

The people of Lahore have been looking for a spacious and large shopping mall for themselves to shop, live or eat out with their friends and family. Seeing the need for it, Gold Crest decided to come forward with a large shopping mall idea in the area and decided to create one in Lahore. Over the years, the mall has expanded and now includes international brand franchises and showrooms, residences, and a large food court. The mall is also home to a few major retailers. 

Facilities of Goldcrest Mall 

The facilities of Goldcrest Mall include a huge variety of different things for its customers. There are tons of shops, restaurants, and other stores for customers to visit. There are also things like a movie theater, a play area for kids, and a pet store. Additionally, there are tons of parking spaces for customers to use. You can bring your kids along with you to the mall so that they can enjoy the fun at Goldcrest Mall.

Stores In Goldcrest Mall

Looking for Adidas in Lahore? You can find the outlet at Goldcrest Mall now. This is not it. The mall is packed with many international and local brand stores for its customers. The stores that are in this mall include Al-Fatah, Monark, Hang Ten, ANK, Baseus, and many more. When it comes to restaurants, they have Loafology, Torta’s, Dukaan, and Bagh, which are famous international and local brands. Along with that, Goldcrest Mall is equipped with 15 more food outlets and a four screen cinema. 

Since the launch of Goldcrest Mall, we have been successful in providing a way for our customers so they can have a time out for themselves. As we now understand that after an exhausting week, everyone deserves to relax and have fun. Secondly, the variety of insanely delicious cuisines makes our customers want to shop from our mall and then enjoy the feast with their loved ones.  This makes it unique and one of the best shopping malls in Pakistan.


We hope that this blog was beneficial for you in finding out what Goldcrest Mall is packed with for its customers in the beautiful city of Lahore. Giving a spacious and world-class standard mall environment that can give you the ease and comfort of shopping and having a special time with your friends and family. It is quite rare to find such a shopping mall and residence in Pakistan. When you search on Google about the best shopping malls in Pakistan, then you’ll find Goldcrest Mall at the top of the list. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Goldcrest Mall with your friends and family today.