Kundali matching is an ancient practice used to predict a couple’s future. The purpose of this process is to understand the compatibility between two people and establish if they are suitable for marriage or not. A Kundali match report compares two individuals’ “bhavas”, which are birth charts that reveal the planets in their respective houses at the time of their birth.

This practice has been popular for centuries in India, and it is still widely used today as many believe that it can provide valuable insight into relationships and marriages. When done correctly, this report can be a great tool for making decisions about marriage and life partners. In this article, we’ll look at what is important in a kundali matching report and how one should go about interpreting it.

What is a Kundali matching report?

A Kundali matching report is a document that contains the results of a Kundali Match. This document includes information on the two individuals who were matched, as well as the overall compatibility between them. The Kundali matching report is an important tool in helping to determine whether or not a relationship will be successful.

The 8 important factors in a Kundali matching report

When two people are considering a marital union, their horoscopes are analyzed to determine the level of compatibility. In India, this process is called Kundali Milan, and it is an important part of the arranged marriage process.

There are many factors that are considered in a kundali matching report, but here we will focus on eight of the most important ones.

  1. Guna Milan: This is the first and most important factor that is considered in a Kundali Milan report. Guna Milan is a method of analyzing the horoscopes of the couple to determine their compatibility. There are 36 different guns that are used for this purpose, and each one represents a different aspect of the relationship.
  2. Graha Maitri: This factor looks at the relationship between the planets in the horoscopes of the couple. It is believed that if there is harmony between the planets, then the relationship will be harmonious as well.
  3. Bhakoota: This factor looks at the position of the Moon in both horoscopes and analyzes its effects on the relationship. It is believed that if Bhakoota is strong, then it can help overcome any difficulties in the relationship.
  4. Nadi: This factor looks at the health of both partners and analyses how compatible they are according to their physical and mental health. It is believed that if both partners have good health, then they will be

How to read a kundali matching report?

Kundali matching is an important process before marriage in Hinduism. It is also known as Guna Milan. Kundali Milan is based on the planetary positions at the time of birth.

This process requires the help of an expert online astrologer and cannot be done by self. The Kundali matching report lists out the doshas or planetary combinations which are not compatible with each other. The report also gives a detailed analysis of the compatibility of the two horoscopes.

One should take into consideration the following points while reading a Kundali matching report:

  • The doshas present in each horoscope
  • The intensity of the doshas
  • The remedies suggested for mitigating the effects of the doshas
  • The overall compatibility score


Kundali matching is an important step in the Hindu marriage process. Knowing what to look for in a Kundali match is essential for finding compatible matches and making informed decisions. We hope that this article has helped you better understand the importance of each aspect of Kundali matching, from nakshatras and planets to gunas and doshas. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to make sense of your Kundali report and use it as a guide for choosing the best partner for yourself or someone else.