What is Magento extension development?

Magento extension development is the process of creating custom modules or extensions for the Magento e-commerce platform. These extensions can add new functionality to a Magento store, or extend and customize existing functionality. Extension development is a way for businesses to tailor their online stores to meet their specific needs and requirements.

There are two types of extensions in Magento: custom extensions and third-party extensions. Custom extensions are developed specifically for a single store and are not intended for distribution to other stores. Third-party extensions are developed by independent developers and are available for purchase or download from the Magento Marketplace or other websites.

Magento extension development can be a complex process and may require a high level of programming skills. It is typically done by Magento developers who have experience with the Magento platform and its architecture. If you are interested in having a custom extension developed for your Magento store, you may want to consider hiring a Magento development company or a freelance Magento developer.

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How many Magento extensions are there?

There is no exact number for how many Magento extensions are available, as new extensions are being developed and released all the time. The Magento Marketplace, which is the official marketplace for Magento extensions, currently has over 5,000 extensions available for download. These extensions cover a wide range of functionality, including payment gateways, shipping and fulfillment, marketing and advertising, customer service, and more. In addition to the extensions available on the Magento Marketplace, there are also many third-party extensions available on other websites and marketplaces. It is likely that there are thousands of Magento extensions available in total.