Do you know who you are?

Wait, let’s rephrase that question…

Do you really know who you are?

Human beings are dynamic creatures. If you pay close attention, their behaviors and personalities will vary drastically with each person they interact with. Notice how your friend is a class clown at school (if this applies to you), yet, you see a completely different version of them when talking to their parents (yours might be a not-so-different case). Similarly, each interaction varies…

This makes you question, are we really being ourselves?

Let’s take an educational deep dive into our minds and understand what “self-realization” actually is.


Self-realization refers to the individual’s true essence.

It is the awakening of the deepest aspects of oneself. It’s a transformative journey that helps an individual truly discover themselves. It is the ideal state where you’re in a state of self-awareness.

Here are some of the traits you may find in an individual who has achieved self-realization.

They accept themselves and others.

They have a high sense of self-worth and the standards they set for themselves.

They believe in maintaining deep and meaningful relationships.

They demonstrate empathy and compassion.

They have an inbound zest for life.

Now that we have understood what self-realization is at its crux, let’s talk about how we can reach it as individuals.

Independence: Don’t be reliant on others or structure your lives around them.

Creativity: Individuals having undergone self-realization are incredibly creative. Don’t be afraid to channel different forms of expression.

Embrace the Unknown: Life will not always be predictable. There will be times when you won’t be in control; hence, instead of actually worrying about those instances, embrace them! Be fearless.

Appreciate Life: Enjoy the little things in life. Start noticing the color of the trees and the beautiful shapes the clouds form, casually looming over you. This will make you think positively about life.

Be Spontaneous: Sometimes, planning things too much can get pretty boring. Instead, try to be a little more spontaneous to progress in your self-realization journey.


There is an additional way through which an individual can navigate the path to self-realization; it’s called psychotherapy.

Humanistic psychotherapy approaches imply an emphasis on self-realization. Carl Rogers used the term “self-realization” in describing the drive an individual possesses to realize their true potential.

Author Neal Ritter, a notable name in the world of clinical psychology, brings an interesting spin on this concept as he introduces a compelling work of fiction.

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