what is Six Sigma certification

Many people need to learn what Six Sigma certification is and why it is vital for organizations to get theirs. Of course, it is not mandatory to get your certificate, but once you get to understand the benefits that it has, you will want to get yours, too. Six Sigma is a method that many companies use to improve their performance and increase their monthly profits while eliminating all present errors. For an easier understanding, Six Sigma is a business strategy companies use to increase profitability.

Six Sigma’s strategies are based on several principles that involve all the parts of a business, from its field to its employees. By taking these classes, you will learn how to behave with your employees and what strategies to adopt to increase their work and do it because they love their job. You will learn how to collaborate with your team and how to concentrate on your business so that you can increase its value step by step. You have to see all the parts of your business, the good and the bad, and try to fix what is broken.

What Is Six Sigma Certification and its Principles?

Focus on the Customer

Yes, everybody has heard the saying, “Your customer is your boss.” It does not have to be the case word by word, but your clients must be satisfied. That means that you need to understand what your client wants, pay attention to his needs, and try to do your best to keep him loyal by offering the best services based on his preferences. And that is only a tiny part of what Six Sigma certification is all about.

Make a Thorough Checkup and Find Your Problem

Any business, no matter the field, needs to pass through a filter once in a while to see if there are any problems you need to solve. Check your business carefully and see if there are issues you need to fix or if there are only small problems that, with minor changes here or there, can make things work for the better. Try to see if there are any errors and then devise strategies to eliminate the waste.

Get Rid of the Junk

After you find all the problems, the next step is to devise changes to eliminate them. Remove all the defects. and the activities that do not benefit your customers. Are there situations when the value stream cannot find the problems? In this case, there are many other tools that you can use in the process to ensure that everything is ok and no issues to fix.

Collaborate with Your Team

It is easier to get things done if you have some help. Involve all your teams in the problem-solving process. What is Six Sigma certification if not a tool that helps understand how vital your employees and collaborators are? Each opinion counts, and the more ideas are on the table, the better. Ask for help if you have the option to do it.

Ensure a Flexible System

Six Sigma is all about transformation and visible changes. When an inefficient service is removed, you need to develop a new approach that sometimes can ask for new employees. Flexibility to change when it comes to procedures ensures an exemplary project implementation. All involved in the process, for all the departments, should adapt quickly to all the changes to facilitate them.

Six Sigma Belts

What is Six Sigma certification is a good question for those who need to learn the difference between simple Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. Their methods differ even if they are part of the same family. Lean Six Sigma has the means to optimize the production process while eliminating unnecessary features, while Six Sigma works step by step to eliminate defects. You can get your credentials for each method online or in different schools or companies that certify these methods.

Six Sigma certification includes several belts; many people can see color like martial arts. Each belt has meaning, and every person can choose the best that suits him. All the knowledge you gain while taking Six Sigma classes can be used in all fields, no matter the area you work in, whatever it is finance, education, or healthcare. The final point is to increase your salaries, reduce the problems your organization has, create a safe environment for your employees, and advance in your managerial role.

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How to Get Your Certification

People wanting to know what Six Sigma certification is want to get theirs for a specific purpose. If you wish to apply for it, consider your goals. Do you want it to help you gain a new position in your company? Do you want to start a business? This certification could help you. Think about it and start your classes once you have a clear purpose. Also, read about all the levels of certification and decide which is the belt you need regarding the career you want to pursue.

Choose the training program that is most useful for you. See what every belt offers and choose carefully the one you join for. You can apply for all the belts, but selecting that specific one that will later use your knowledge in the field you will work in is recommended. Study for the belt you want, and at the end of the course, you must pass the final exam to get your certification. It doesn’t sound so hard. Just like when you were in school.

Do Six Sigma Courses Cost a Lot?

When you learn about Six Sigma certification, you cannot expect to pay a specific price for a class. And why is that? Because the price may differ from one case to another. For example, if the training is a class that a particular company takes for its employees, it is more than sure they will not ask their employees to pay. It will be something for the company to use as a tool for improving their employee’s strategies for the company’s benefit. There are different situations regarding the costs.