Abstract: Indian women have some real connection with the fenugreek seeds or what we generally refer to as ‘Methi Dana’. Remember when our mothers used to say that a tbsp. of Methi dana and black salt will help us to get relief from stomach aches? There are so many more benefits of Organic Fenugreek Seeds that most of you might be unaware of, so let’s find out about some. 


Fenugreek or Methi is a leafy condiment that is found in Southern portions of Asia and the Mediterranean. It is widespread for its extraordinary fragrance and bitter taste. Both the leaves and kernels are served for culinary and medical objectives. The yellow-brown seeds have an almost eternal magnificence. When you char these seeds, the bitterness fades out into a complex taste. In Indian cooking, fenugreek seeds are a customary ingredient in curry and pickle powder preparation. It is also utilized in seasoning various vegetables and dal-based dishes to enrich the aroma and flavor of the cuisines. 

You must be very selective of the spices which you include in your pantry because not every label is considerate of your health. So, look for a brand that sells organic food products without hampering your fitness and trust. Blend the seeds with different condiments and it creates the palette even more exclusive. Somehow the mingling of herbs transforms the distasteful zing of fenugreek seeds into a relatively dark caramel flavor. Fenugreek seed has three culinary benefits: As a herb, as a spice, and as a vegetable. The main use of Methi dana is in curry powders. It is an element of Panch Phoran, the Indian five-spice assortment. 


Heretofore ancient periods, these extraordinary seeds have been employed for medication. Fenugreek seeds can assist you with a variety of illnesses in addition to putting in flavor to your food. They provide a ton of wonderful health benefits like-

  • Aids in Weight loss- Fenugreek seed water is attaining rage for its capability to augment metabolism. It can enable you to decrease extra weight and attain fitness. When consumed regularly, it declines the appetite for unwholesome food. Furthermore, it is packed with fiber and protein which will assist to lessen your calorie yearnings and provides a sense of tummy fullness that ameliorates gorging, suppresses the craving, and aids in weight loss. 
  • Controls blood sugar level- Organic fenugreek seeds work competently in deterring and regulating blood sugar levels. They are affluent in diverse nutrients, including glucose, antioxidant properties, Vitamin C, and dietary fiber help to retain your blood sugar level and also thwart the commencement of diabetes. Consuming one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds every day can control your blood sugar levels.
  • Good for the heart- Galactomannan which is found in fenugreek seeds is persuasive against the facets like excess salt intake, tobacco intake, etc. Fenugreek seeds have been widely employed by people because of the existence of Gallic acid and polyphenols. 
  • Helps to achieve glowing skin- Fenugreek seeds are an affluent source of minerals that withdraw venoms from the skin and nourishes it with nutrients. Apart from this, these are packed with antioxidants that combat bacteria and decrease inflammation on the skin ushering in acne blemishes. Methi seeds also have antibacterial properties that defy maladies on the skin without inducing any side effects.
  • Relieves menstrual pain- According to Ayurveda, fenugreek seeds may administer in alleviating distress due to the prostaglandin range and it’s also valuable for women with unbearable menses, as well as those with exorbitant bleeding and ache during excretion or urination.

The kernels of organic fenugreek can be consumed in a multiplicity of manners. They can be engulfed in an empty belly in the dawn by inundating them overnight in a glass of water. Simmering the seeds in water is another alternative. This can aid to conceal the bitterness of the seeds and cause them to be more digestible. The only thing which you need to be cautious about is the brand from which you get your Methi seeds because not all are organic and genuine