With the rising popularity of real money-earning games, it is important for players to not just understand how the game works but also learn some of the terminologies that are associated with it. Some of the most commonly known poker terms include betting, raising, flush, and many more. Understanding game lingo also goes hand in hand with tactical awareness of the game and helps build an overall good strategy. One of the many known terms in card games is “straddling.” Frequently thought of as a negative strategy in terms of risk-to-reward ratio, straddling can sometimes be useful to players in winning games and taking home the big pot. In this article, we aim to understand what exactly this strategy to straddle in poker is and how players can use straddling to their advantage in games.

The topics that have been covered in this article are as follows:

  • Meaning of Straddling
  • Types of Straddles
  • To Straddle or Not to Straddle?
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Straddling

In online poker, straddling refers to placing a bet on a pot that is usually double the size of the big blind when the cards are dealt on the table. This essentially means that whatever the amount is that you opt to straddle with in poker, it is usually twice the size of the big blind. As per the normal definition and regulations of straddle poker, there is no restriction on the sum, though. You have the option to risk and bet on a sum that is far more than the big blind’s twofold. Straddle poker is basically like taking a blind chance on your poker online bonus cashback site, with little control over the game. This move is generally performed by players who are seated to the left of the big blind before the cards have been dealt to all the players on the table. Doing so puts your opponents in quite a difficult position as you don’t have a clear-cut idea about your cards yet, thereby forcing your opponents to fold.

Types of Straddles

Often, straddling in poker is considered to be a risky move, even for the best poker players in the world. This is because of the uncertainty that lies in the strategy. Hence, it is advisable for newer players to avoid this strategy and understand the game and have experience before placing such huge, uncertain bets in the game unless you are certain of the outcome that shall take place. Taking this forward, let us understand some of the different positions that players can play this strategy of straddling from and the results that you can attain from them.

Under the Gun Straddling

The most common type of straddling technique, UTG, is the most preferred position for many online poker card game players. Before the hands are dealt to players and the poker sequencing is revealed, Under the Gun Straddling bets twice as much as the big blind. The UTG is then given the option to act even during the last pre-flop if the players choose to do so.

Uncapped Straddle 

This is yet another position of straddling where players are bound by no limits on the capping strategy that they wish to straddle. As long as it is permitted by the poker room that you play on, players can bet an amount that is much more than double the big blind amount. However, one thing to keep in mind is that many poker rooms in India have a cap on the amount you can bet, and some poker rooms straight up ban this strategy.

Mississippi Straddle

This is the best practice as compared to all the strategies for straddle poker that have been explained above. The main advantage of using this strategy in a game is that you can play this from any position on the table. Additionally, players are also permitted to straddle any amount during the pre-flop before the cards have been dealt to the players. What you can gain from implying this strategy is that you will have the benefit of acting last before the flop ends if no other player on the table decides to straddle.

  1. To Straddle or Not to Straddle?

Now that we have established some sort of an idea as to what straddling is and what are the different positions that are involved in this strategy, let us understand whether it is actually necessary for players to straddle in games or is it just a gimmick that may or may not give you the win based on mere luck.

The first thing that players have to understand is that this playstyle of straddling is used exclusively in cash games and not in tournaments or other modes of playing online poker. Additionally, this is a strategy that is unique to online poker and does not exist in games like 3 Patti play onlinespades card gamespider solitaire game or the 3 2 5 card game. Once you play this strategy and have a clear understanding of what the function of straddling is, you will realise that this is not a strategy that most players would use in their regular, everyday poker games on Rakeback sites because it is not wise to do so. To all those who do not want to risk trying the strategy before you understand why you should not play it in your regular game, we shall explain why.

The first reason why straddle poker is not a great option to play is that it is largely based on uncertainty and involves a high degree of risk. This strategy involves betting double the big blind without even seeing the cards, which leaves you with a 50-50 stake in getting dealt with good cards and winning games.

The second point to remember is that straddle poker is only played before the flop, and the only advantage that players get is during the pre-flop. The remained of the game continues as it is.

Lastly, Straddle poker is an expensive tactic because the betting involved is double of the big blind, and often these amounts can be an exuberant amount of money. So if you plan to play this strategy in any cash game, make sure that you proceed with caution.


The famous saying “with great risk comes great rewards” stands true with this online poker strategy. Straddling is a strategy that is for all those players who like to bring that spice to the game table, and doing it wrong can cost them dearly. We hope that this article was able to help players grasp a good idea about this game strategy and will help you out in case you ever decide to implement it in your games in the hopes of winning big, and who knows, maybe you might.