If we are not mistaken you know well that, planets govern our personal and professional life to a great extent. Isn’t it? There are some benefic planets as well as malefic planets in our horoscope that decide what kind of experiences we will come across down the line. Whether we will enjoy taking part in some great events or incidents or whether we will remain sad or upset while sifting through the terrible circumstances. The answer to both questions can be discovered by contacting the Best Astrologer in Toronto.

Yes. They will analyze your birth chart or natal chart in the first place and then respond to each and every query accordingly. But the riddle is, do you even know what are some favorable and unfavorable celestial objects in the solar system? No? Then, we must inform you that a few examples of the former are:

  1. Moon
  2. Venus
  3. Jupiter
  4. Mercury

And a few examples of the latter are:

  1. Sun
  2. Mars
  3. Saturn
  4. Rahu
  5. Ketu

Each of the celestial bodies you learned above possesses its own inherent qualities and behavior. Thus, they put the same kind of impact on the natives whose horoscope is fraught with such heavenly objects. But did you ever figure out what if your ascendant house is filled with different types of astrological elements? How will it influence you or your life for that matter? To be frank, the only person who can provide a good response to this query is an Indian Astrologer in Scarborough. Yes. However, for today, we will learn:

What is the effect of Scorpio when it stays in an ascendant house according to a Top astrologer in Mississauga?

It simply means that Scorpio was rising during your birth in the eastern horizon in Vrishchik or Scorpio remains in the ascendant house. What else? Mars is known as the ruler of Scorpio and there are a total of three Nakshatras placed in this sign. Now do you know, what are they according to the Best Astrologer in Hamilton? If not, let’s sift through the following few points:

  1. The first one is Vishaka Nakshatra which contains only one Pada
  2. The second one is Anuradha Nakshatra which comprises four Padas, and
  3. The third one is Jyestha Nakshatra that again constitutes four Padas

Please remember that Scorpio is widely referred to as a fixed and watery sign. And since it is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, the people associated with it have superb psychic powers and also they can sense instrumental things much earlier than anybody can. Some people even consider them as a person with a great sense of smell.

What’s more? Scorpions tend to be:

  1. Charismatic
  2. Faithful, and
  3. Determined

Not just that, they are also deemed to be strong-willed, secretive, and the ones who partake in spying activities or processes deeply. And if this sign is present in your ascendant, the odds are high that you will become emotional and remain unable to have a firm hand over your emotions. And the most important thing! At times, you could also be jealous and vengeful if anybody does anything wrong to you.

Therefore, a Top astrologer in Mississauga suggests folks with Scorpio in ascendant houses focus on some creative tasks in order to keep themselves away from the aforementioned negative traits. Believe it or not, the people who have such Yoga in their birth chart or natal chart are skilled at collecting secret information about anything they like. However, there are instances when they are not able to get a good sense of their own abilities and proficiency.

With that complete, it is time to grab information about a new thing, i.e.,

What are Yogas and Doshas in one’s horoscope?

According to the Best Astrologer in Toronto, Yogas and Doshas are nothing but different types of planetary combinations and configurations in your birth chart that indicate whether you should perform certain tasks in your life or not. Take, for instance, you want to marry as soon as possible but you don’t have a Marriage Yoga in your natal chart at the moment. In that case, the chances are less that you will get hitched to someone anytime soon, no matter how desperately you want.

Similarly, if you want to tie the knot with your current girlfriend or boyfriend, but your astrological chart doesn’t approve of any such decision or it has certain Doshas related to conducting your love marriage, it is advisable not to make the marriage decision you are considering making. So, did you understand the role of Doshas and Yogas in your life? If yes, now it is time to have a word with an Indian Astrologer in Scarborough as they can tell you various personality and compatibility traits that you or your partner have. Not only that! They can also notify you about how to take maximum advantage of those qualities to enhance or improve your life ahead.

With that finished, it is time to read the last bunch of words, i.e.,


So, did you collate enough information about Vedic astrology through this post? If yes, you must have understood well what could be the result of having Scorpio in an ascendant house based on the opinion of the Best Astrologer in Hamilton. Right? Thus, if that is the case, please speak to Shivaraj Guru Ji straight away if you want to know what the tale encoded in your horoscope about you and your life.