If we talk about technology, we need to understand that we have come leaps and bounds ahead of time. Right from the introduction of typewriters to personal computers, fax machines, emails, scanners, smartphones and 3D technology, we have a trail of technological innovation to consider. And while all these advancements have revolutionized the way in which we work and communicate, they have also changed how medical fields operate. For instance, orthodontic treatment in particular have started practicing 3D scanning and printing that have helped to make treatment faster, more accurate, and less invasive.

Let us check how 3D technology has improved the work of your Orthodontist in East Cobb.

3D scanning and printing

The days are long gone when a scanner could only comprehend the words on a piece of paper. Today, almost any object, even your teeth and jaws, can be scanned and accurately created by 3D technology. This simply means that when you go to your orthodontist for Orthodontics in Sandy Springs, your specialist can get your mouth scanned and plan your treatment depending upon the scan of your mouth. The plan is later read, approved and updated if your orthodontist before being sent off to the printed by robots with the help of thermoplastic materials and lasers. 3D technology helps the dental specialist to measure and cut the clear aligners accurately. That is why you are able to get clear aligners customized to your size and the same will accurately fit on your teeth and help them move with ease.

3D x-rays

When it is about curating a treatment plan for your teeth, the most important task is to take an accurate picture of the teeth. With the help of 3D -ray radiography, surgeons and orthodontists can work together to offer the safest and most effective treatment for their patients.

This is also helpful when a patient has experienced facial trauma or has any underlying facial asymmetry or any kind of disproportion in the mouth. 3D x-ray radiographs help dental specialists to identify and quantify any facial structures that needs to be corrected with the help of a surgery, and such x-rays help in determining how best to offer any required surgery.

3D x-rays are also used to identify issues and treatments for things such as problematic wisdom teeth, impacted canines, and so on. 3D X-rays are also used extensively by ENT specialists to measure a patient’s airway and also to offer appropriate management of conditions such as sleep disordered breathing. People who are suffering from Sleep apnea can also take the benefit of this 3D technology.

Undertaking Orthodontics in Sandy Springs is possible only because of the disruption of 3D technologies. For more info, reach out to us.

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