Everybody knows the crypto exchange software order books. Because of orders books showcase the buy and sell the cryptocurrencies trading pairs and live update the cryptocurrencies prices. Traders use the features to know the cryptocurrency’s current prices and trading pairs. And also order books play an important role in the crypto exchange software, everything happens in the order book. Many types of order books are in crypto exchange software, and every type has individual functionalities. Order books are more interesting topics in the crypto exchange platform, then why? let us go into the topics..,

First, we know what is the order books..,

An order book is an electronic ledger that lists the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies trading pairs in a specific exchange. A centralized exchange platform must used in the order books.

Next, we’ll see the most interesting topics in order books- types of order books.., We discuss the trader’s most used order books in the article.

1. Market order
2. Limit order
3. Stop-limit order

These types are mostly traders used in trading.

Market order – Instantly buy or sell any of the cryptocurrencies, traders used to type in trading.

Limit order – It has some rules to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies in the orders. If you wanna buy cryptocurrencies at low prices, you will set the price, then your prices achieve in the rule, the order is automatically executed.

Stop-limit order – is executed in the conditional format, buy and sell the specific cryptocurrencies for specific prices.

Commonly these order book types are used in daily trading activities. And also order books are pivotal in the centralized exchange. If you wanna know more information on cryptocurrency exchange development, contact our experts.