Nutrition and nourishment are the basic physiological needs that the body needs to keep up with the general functioning of the body. The nutrition of the body when assimilated into the bloodstream tends to provide the required nutrition to the body in the form of glucose for the basic functioning of the body.  

The nutritional needs of a person vary as per the body type and the climate of the particular place let us understand this using an example people working in India have a lot of carbohydrates in their diet because agriculture in the economy contributes to about 80% of the growth of the nation whereas, for people working in the west, the food is richer in proteins and vegetables the reason being the economies in the west are not dependent on agriculture for their day to day functioning.

Nutrition also depends upon the body type of an individual like some people may have a sluggish metabolism while some may have the superpower to eat and not get fat that is where people need to understand that it all varies as per the body type.

But what if this very form of nourishment a basic need is used to abuse the body in annoying ways, yes you heard that right, the increasing number of eating disorder cases is the major reason for the increase in cases related to depression and anxiety. Before diving into the science and reasons behind the appearance of eating disorders let us understand the definition of the same in both medical and psychological terms.

Eating disorders: A basic introduction 

As per a very senior member of the medical fraternity and a well-known psychologist in Ludhiana, “Eating disorders can be defined as the persistent uncontrolled eating behavior that tends to have no specific pattern of nutritional intake often identified by the most common symptom of binge eating usually due to emotional and psychological stress factors can be defined as an Eating disorder”.

The general logic that people give for the appearance of eating disorders is that it’s food after all what harm can it do to my body it’s a need that I need for my basic functioning. But people often fail to understand that just the way excess of a particular medicine can lead to dangerous life-threatening consequences similarly excess intake of nutrition can be harmful to the body in many ways apart from the accumulation of fat.

How do eating disorders affect the well-being of an individual?? 

Eating disorders are harmful in many ways apart from the accumulation of fat in the body. A very renowned celebrity psychologist at a well-known counseling center in Punjab illustrates this.

Eating disorders put additional stress on the body which tends to prove to be a load on the capillaries of the human body secondly it also leads to the deposit of white fat below the stomach lining which is also one of the major reasons for PCOS. Diabetes and heart failure.

Eating disorders tend to affect the normal nutritional intake f the body and tend to make the body more toxic because of the problem of mindless eating people will end up eating more than the usual body intake to meet the daily nutritional requirements.