Due to the multitude of challenges indoor car parks face regarding their floors, we cannot just apply a basic epoxy coating but rather take into account various factors. We frequently take flooring for granted, particularly while in a public setting. We scuff them, drop items on them, and years of foot traffic wear them out. The materials selected must be up to the task when it comes to future-proofing parking lots, which must withstand all of this in addition to the daily traffic of hundreds of vehicles.

From basement levels, which are particularly susceptible to rising humidity, to top-level uncovered decks, which could be exposed to bad thunderstorms daily, every level of multi-story parking garages could have its distinctive requirements for carpeting.

Safety when skidding

Safety is a key concern when skidding. Several calls have asked me to suggest a parking lot flooring idea to prevent cars from sliding on a wet surface. Owners may be responsible for damages after accidents. Several parking lots mandate that an anti-slip epoxy be put on the floor’s major traffic zones to stop the cars from skidding. Never use a self-leveling epoxy in a public parking lot! No matter how gorgeous it appears, you must have a smooth texture. Although you might wish to think about a quartz finish, some consumers are happy with a straightforward roller-applied finish. To generate the anti-slip effect, such flooring is often coated by spreading a coating of quartz sand and then adding another coat on top. The image below illustrates how this technology was implemented in a parking lot floor where numerous accidents were caused by workers driving into walls.

When placing car park flooring in commercial garages, it’s crucial to use appropriate signage, pedestrian-only areas, and marked arrows. Additionally, you might want to consider using reflective safety marking paint, which will increase the visibility of the signage when oncoming automobiles flash their headlights.

Parking lots with multiple levels

Each level of a multi-level parking garage needs to provide some waterproofing for the level below while putting floor coatings. Otherwise, you run the danger of damaging the concrete structure and getting stains on the automobiles parked below. For this reason, we frequently request polyurethane floor coatings for multi-level parking garages. Because they are more elastic and flexible, polyurethane floors can serve as a waterproofing layer. A multi-story parking garage is shown in the image below. The floor below each floor must be safeguarded.

Hot tires

The coating must also be durable enough to endure heated tires, which can cause the coating to peel. This means that you shouldn’t ever accept just one coat of a low-quality flooring product. The complete process of applying a good floor coating must be followed when installing an epoxy or polyurethane floor in a parking lot. This entails sanding and washing the surface, using a primer, then using the resin system in at least two coats.


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