Can the look of a cannabis seed reveal anything about the future plant it will produce? Several cannabis cultivators have asked this question. And there have been several hypotheses regarding this throughout the years with lovin in her eyes seeds.

What Does The Weight Of A Cannabis Seed Indicate?

It was a watershed moment for cannabis farmers. Yet, before feminised seeds, some people believed that’male’ and ‘female’ seeds could be distinguished by their weight, appearance, size, form, and so on. This unverified notion proposed that cannabis seeds differed in size and form for a reason. One of the initial problems with the notion is that various marijuana seed kinds generate seeds of varying sizes. White Widow seeds, for example, might appear smaller than those of other types. Despite this, they generate high-quality crops. The size of the seed has no bearing on its effectiveness. The weight or size of a cannabis seed cannot predict the future sex of a cannabis plant. If it were that simple, seed firms would flourish.

Feminized Seeds Vs Autoflowering Seeds. Do They Look Different?

Every now and again, a home gardener will inadvertently mix up their seeds. This is frequently done after a smoke/vape, maybe when preparing cannabis seeds for germination. If you’ve ever mixed up your seeds, it might be difficult to be certain of their genuine identity. There is no sure method to tell feminised seeds from autoflower seeds merely by looking at them. The DNA inside the cells of the seed contains the plant’s true future identity.

Cannabis seeds are undeniably beautiful and appealing. The varied brown colours are subtle. A cannabis seed is a stunning piece of natural beauty and design when viewed under high magnification. When you inspect a cannabis seed in front of a strong light, you will see a glossy reflection, as if the seed had a wax covering. Not single cannabis seed looks the same as the next. Tiger stripes will appear on certain seeds.

Some will have more uniform surface colour. The look of the seed is not a good predictor of plant quality. Everything is genetically programmed inside the plant tissue, which is safely enclosed inside the shell. Plant DNA and genetics determine everything from the plant’s sex to its cannabinoid and terpene composition. Here is when you must rely on the seed company to execute their job correctly. The most expensive cannabis seeds are not necessarily the best. But, if you get cannabis seeds from a reputable supplier, you can be assured that a great deal of talent and effort, as well as many years of labour, has gone into your cannabis seeds.

Are Heavier Cannabis Seeds More Difficult To Germinate?

Because of the increased shell material, some gardeners believe that larger seeds are more difficult to germinate. However, because the shell material is engineered to be weakened by water, it should not be an impediment to germination rates. Once water penetrates the shell fibres, the shell structure expands and weakens, allowing the tap root to emerge. Low germination rates of cannabis seeds are frequently indicative of aged seeds. It might also be caused by inadequate seed production procedures. This is one area where established seed firms may draw on decades of knowledge and expertise. Cannabis seed manufacturing is a sophisticated and highly specialised procedure, much like any other.

People at the top of their field with decades of practical expertise produce the greatest quality cannabis seeds at the most experienced seed firms. Sand paper is not recommended by seed banks for reducing the thickness of the cannabis shell. It’s far too simple to inadvertently injure the inner seed. Just soak the seed in a moist paper towel for a day or two. But, never force the seed open or employ artificial abrasion techniques to weaken the shell.

Immature Cannabis Seeds

Investing in high-quality seeds is the greatest method to ensure a high-quality harvest of homegrown cannabis. Purchasing cannabis seeds online from a reputable seed source ensure fresh seeds with excellent germination potential. You also have the assurance that your cannabis seeds include the greatest genetics for producing high-quality cannabis at harvest.

Buy The Best Cannabis Seeds Online

The greatest approach to ensure a high-quality harvest of homegrown cannabis is to invest in some high-quality seeds. Purchasing cannabis seeds online from a reputable seed source ensure fresh seeds with strong germination potential. You also have the assurance that your cannabis seeds include the greatest genetics to produce high-quality lovin in her eyes seeds at harvest.