Do you focus on full of amenities inside and outside of the condo? Do you rely on the best project that manages everything? Of course, you can switch to the marina one office that is convenient for outgoing bachelors. It locates at the center of Singapore’s new CBD.

A project can design by Singapore Temasek and Malaysia khazanah. One can discover premium-grade office space, unique retail offerings, and residences with approximately over 65,000 square feet of lush greenery.

A major concept of the project:

Before investing in the project, people must understand the concept and get an idea about units. It boasts lush greenery with a marina one residence green heart and borders neighboring parks like the central linear park and marina station square. Individuals enjoy seamless connectivity to four MRT lines through underground pedestrian networks.

It has super green sustainable attributes with green mark platinum and LEED platinum rating. Developers make a project with a good identity figure by balcony design, kinetic night-lighting attributes, louvers, and a lot more.

Different entryway:

The project has two different entryways to the car park, which is superb. Roads connect to it are spacious and let people get in and out of the park. You can never face any problem when driving a car to the park. Investors discover a glossy sheen finish in the marina one east tower parkingLuxury development attracts people very much with good structure.

  • If you have a vehicle, you can pay a certain amount for parking monthly.
  • You can check the rate on the project’s official site.
  • Residents keep a car in good locations and access them easily.

Highlights of the project:

Integrated development comprises residential and retail apartments. The project manages separate parking lots to park vehicles. Vehicle owners must pay for parking. You can check the marina square parking rate and parking period.

  • The clear floor-to-ceiling height is a major highlight of the project.
  • Knock panels are suitable for inter-floor connectivity.
  • One can enjoy a panoramic sea view and the city skyline.
  • Separate meeting rooms and auditorium cover a maximum person.

Air-conditioned food court, signature restaurants, fitness club, supermarket, and F and B outlet and retail service are also available within the premise. A sky terrace garden is present in each office tower.

Benefits obtained by residents:

When entering into marina square building, people explore different things. The project constructs the necessary standards and manages green features for sustainability. Optimizing building orientation and fascia is good for preventing heat and glare on office floor plates.

Before parking a car, you can access complete details about the parking rate at marina squareWithin the facility, people directly connect to the city MRT network through the pedestrian link to the MRT station and marina bay.

A water-efficient element like rainwater harvesting is also obtainable in the project. Regenerative lift braking, advanced air handling units, and LED light controlled by the motion sensor are good for saving energy. Sky garden is reliable for enhancing air quality and perfect effect on space.