A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a professional postgraduate degree programme that leads to excellent employment scope in a variety of sectors. The two-year degree programme includes on-the-job training that allows students to obtain experience in the business world. The breadth of an MBA expands as specialisation in subjects such as Finance, marketing, and Human Resources (HR).

But the question arises what MBA jobs can you get with an MBA in Finance , HR and Marketing Specialization?

So, Here are some jobs that one can do with an MBA . These are as follows-

Finance and Accounting Jobs

Finance and accounting MBA jobs offer some of the highest average salaries — and financial managers also benefit from strong projected job growth. With an MBA in finance, you can work in private equity or investment banking.

Other finance and accounting jobs for MBA graduates include personal financial advisor, management accountant, and accounting manager. An MBA may help professionals in these roles increase their earning potential and take on more responsibilities.

Firstly, We will discuss the Job Roles According to most choosen specialization among the students of MBA i.e. MBA in Finance.

1.Finance Manager

The Job that one can do with MBA in finance is of Finance Manager.  Finance managers oversee an organization’s long-term financial strategy to make sure the company stays on solid financial footing. They manage investment strategies and create business activity reports for executives. Finance managers also supervise financial analysts and review financial reports for accuracy.

2.Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors recommend investment and saving strategies for people. They meet with clients to understand their savings goals and recommend ways to meet those goals. Some personal financial advisors specialize in retirement savings, estate planning, or college savings. They may also select investments on behalf of clients.


Accountants create financial records and use financial documents in business decision-making. With an MBA, graduates can work as certified public accountants, management accountants, and accounting managers. They may take on supervisory responsibilities, depending on their role. An MBA meets the credit requirements for a CPA license.

So, these are some jobs that one can choose but there are tremendous job opportunities that are available to MBA Finance Graduate.

Human Resources Jobs

Every industry relies on human resources professionals to recruit employees, develop upskilling programs, and resolve employment disputes. And a master’s in business helps professionals pursue HR jobs for MBA graduates.

An MBA in human resources trains learners in strategic HR, workforce planning, and organizational development. The degree leads to opportunities as an HR manager, compensation and benefits manager, or training and development manager.

Now, According to next specialization i.e. MBA in Human Resource (HR)the job roles are numerous and these are as follows-

1.Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers oversee an organization’s benefits and administrative needs. They play a central role in recruiting and interviewing potential staff. HR managers also manage employee benefit programs and resolve disputes between employees. As heads within human resources, they also recommend strategic hiring, training, and retention plans to executives.

2.Compensation and Benefits Manager

Compensation and benefits managers oversee an organization’s pay and benefits programs. They research wage rates to offer competitive salaries and select benefits vendors for the organization. Compensation and benefits managers also explain plans offered by the company and make sure the plans comply with regulations.

3.Management Consultant

Management consultants recommend changes to improve efficiency and increase profits. They analyze an organization’s processes and systems to identify areas for improvement. Management consultants may recommend changes to the corporate structure, policies to improve retention, or new procedures. Management consultants may work independently or as part of a consulting company.

These are some HR jobs that one can choose after completing their MBA in HR but there are numerous other jobs that one can choose for their career.

Marketing Jobs

Marketing is another growing field for MBA graduates. While entry-level marketing careers like market research analyst typically only require a bachelor’s degree, an MBA can help marketing professionals advance to Management roles.

An MBA in marketing builds the research and analytical skills for careers as a marketing manager or director. MBA professionals also bring training in strategic marketing and new product innovation. An MBA also helps professionals interested in related fields like promotions, sales, and advertising.

The Job Roles that an MBA can do after doing MBA in Marketing are as below –

1.Marketing Manager

Marketing managers evaluate research to determine customer demand and pricing strategies. They recommend new products and services to reach potential markets. Marketing managers also evaluate competitors to maintain a business advantage. Within their organization, marketing managers work closely with staff in public relations, advertising, and product development.

2.Marketing Director

Marketing directors set their organization’s marketing goals and oversee marketing plans. They manage a team of marketing professionals and sign off on marketing concepts and budgets. Marketing directors also work with executives in other departments to reach the company’s overall objectives.

3.Promotions Manager

Promotions managers oversee an organization’s promotions and other incentive programs. They draw on marketing and advertising skills to create promotional campaigns. These campaigns may include digital ads, direct mail, special events, or incentives like discounts and gifts. Promotions managers work closely with marketing, sales, and advertising managers.

Marketing plays a very important role in each and every organisation. So, there are numerous job roles that one can choose after completing MBA In Marketing. As Digital Marketing is emerging so various job roles has also emerged.

Thus, To conclude MBA degree not only provides extensive knowledge in a variety of subjects such as finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and human resource development, but it also provides students with business-related skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving ability, strong networking ability, sales, and marketing. As a result, the MBA’s scope is broadened and one can get the numerous job roles after an MBA Degree.

So, It can be said as this is a career-focused professional program which has resulted in attractive job prospects that you may have wished for.

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