You might not be aware of all the ways orthodontic therapy, like Garland Braces, can improve a patient’s cosmetic appearance as well as their general dental health, even though an improved appearance is one of the main reasons individuals seek orthodontic treatment like braces. Let’s look at some more advantages that Braces in Garland offfer besides just tooth alignment.

Uneven Teeth

In addition to being unsightly, crooked teeth might put you at higher risk for gum disease and dental decay. Teeth that are out of alignment leave holes that can be the ideal hiding place for food, allowing bacteria to grow. This will cause tartar and plaque to accumulate over time, which can cause cavities and gingivitis. In addition to enhancing your smile, straightening your teeth with braces can also eliminate any irregular areas that could harbor bacteria and cause other oral health problems.

Packed Teeth

One of the most frequent orthodontic problems is crowding, which happens when your teeth and jaw don’t fit together properly. Like the color of your eyes, this is frequently an inherited trait, but occasionally, the early or late loss of the baby teeth can cause the neighboring teeth to become crooked or crowded.

Even though crowded teeth may not be as noticeable as crooked ones, they can still be a problem. Effective brushing and flossing can be challenging when teeth are closely spaced and occasionally overlap. As a result, there is a higher chance of developing gum disease and tooth decay. It is much simpler to keep up a great oral hygiene practice when the teeth are in more ideal locations thanks to braces.


Our upper teeth should, in ideal circumstances, slightly overlap our lower teeth. You most likely have what is known as a malocclusion if your upper and lower teeth don’t line up properly. This is typically inherited and is brought on by variations in the proportions of the upper and lower jaw, just like crowded or crooked teeth.

Minor bite differences may not require treatment to be fixed, while serious bite difficulties may result in long-term concerns. Your teeth and mouth are continuously stressed by these, which results in unneeded wear and tear, chipping, and even discomfort when you’re eating. In more severe cases, this strain may result in earaches, headaches, and problems correctly eating and digesting food. The most frequent justification for seeing an orthodontist is to correct malocclusions.

Glaring Teeth

Protruding teeth, another common orthodontic condition, can be dangerous in addition to being unsightly. Due to the front teeth’s vulnerable angle and lack of lip protection, excessive front tooth protrusion might increase the risk of dental trauma in active kids and young athletes. This raises the possibility of them getting chips or maybe being fully knocked out.

A misaligned bite, where the top and bottom teeth do not meet at the front of the mouth, can also be caused by teeth that protrude beyond the normal position. Eating may be more challenging if the teeth can’t fully seal in front of the tongue. Due to inadequate chewing before swallowing, this may ultimately impact digestion. These front teeth can be realigned with braces for an enhanced smile and overall appearance.

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