As a Chandigarh student aspiring to study abroad and taking the GMAT exam in 2023, determining your target GMAT score is crucial. With MBA programs becoming highly competitive globally, achieving an above-average score has become critical for Indian applicants aiming for top B-schools.

As the best GMAT coaching in Chandigarh, I often get asked by anxious students about ideal GMAT score targets for global business schools. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide an in-depth perspective on reasonable GMAT score ranges and proven strategies to attain them through rigorous preparation.

Understanding the GMAT Scoring Scheme

Firstly, let’s demystify the GMAT scoring scheme. The GMAT tests your quantitative, verbal, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning skills through a computer-adaptive format. Your performance in each section results in a score aggregated for the 200-800 score.

Globally, the mean GMAT score is 550. Per GMAC, scores above 700 are considered “excellent,” while 600-700 is “good”. But as an Indian applicant, you should aim for 700+ for global B-schools.

Target Scores for Top Global MBA Programs

The top U.S. colleges like Harvard, Chicago Booth, and Wharton expect scores between 720-750. For Indian students aspiring for these elite schools, scoring 700+ is imperative.

The next rung of colleges, such as UCLA Anderson, Duke Fuqua, and NYU Stern, look for scores between 680-720. So aim for at least 680+ points for these institutes.

For M7 schools in Canada and programs in Europe like INSEAD LBS, a score of 700+ is highly recommended and competitive.

How Should You Prepare for a 700+ Score?

Based on my experience guiding students to 700+ GMAT scores, here are the top strategies:

  1. Take comprehensive GMAT coaching for all sections from qualified faculty.
  2. Improve speed and accuracy through regular timed practice tests.
  3. Strengthen quant concepts and verbal skills as per the GMAT syllabus.
  4. Focus on test strategies suggested by experts at coaching institutes.
  5. Attempt mock tests across difficulty levels to build exam readiness.
  6. Analyze mistakes from mock tests and work on weaker areas.
  7. Take 6-8 full-length mocks under timed conditions. This is key.
  8. Get guidance from counsellors on target schools and their GMAT expectations.
  9. Follow a rigorous study plan for 6-12 months, balancing all sections.

At our overseas education consultancy in Chandigarh, we incorporate such proven tactics into our GMAT coaching programs to help students comfortably score 700+ in the exam.

Summing Up:

As the best GMAT coaching in Chandigarh, our expert trainers at New Cambridge College hope this guide clarifies the GMAT score targets you should aim for as a Chandigarh student aspiring to study abroad. With diligent preparation over 6-12 months using proven strategies and guidance from qualified faculty, scoring 700+ is absolutely within your reach. Our comprehensive GMAT coaching programs are designed to equip students with the skills, time management tactics, test strategies, and confidence required to excel in the GMAT and gain admission into top global B-schools. If you need assistance planning your preparation to achieve a 700+ score, contact us at New Cambridge College today!