The first week after you have installed the braces sets you into the adjustment period wherein you will be experiencing some discomfort such as sensitivity in the gums and soreness as your system is being adjusted to the presence of the apparatus. Hence, this period is called the adjustment period. There are certain things that you have to specifically take care of when you are in the adjustment period. There are things that you have to do and things that you have to don’t. In this article we are going to talk about the various considerations that you have to keep in mind in order to manage the first week after you have installed braces.

You have to be extra careful with what you are eating especially when you have just installed braces in your mouth. Of course, there is no restrictions on when to eat immediately after you have installed the braces. As a matter of fact you can eat right after you have left the dental clinic. There is no restriction on that. but what you need to be concerned with is what you eat, or the nature or texture of the food that you are eating. Remember that this is the period when your teeth and gums are adjusting to the braces because of which your gums are likely to be bit sensitive. Hence it is recommended that you stick to softer food for a week in order to prevent biting with force. You can easily stick to pasta, soft veggies, soup, noodles, yogurt, etc. The soreness typically disappears after the 4th day from the day of installation of the braces. Once the soreness goes away you can slowly move to eating harder food items such as meat and corn. But then again, you need to restrict yourself from eating extremely hard food items such as nuts (almonds), and try not to eat sticky and gummy food as it risks getting stuck to the apparatus, thereby making it difficult for you to remove the same.

As mentioned above, you are going to experience some form of discomfort in the first few days (typically 4-5 days). This isn’t extreme pain or anything. It is just soreness and high sensitivity in the softer parts of the mouth such as inner portion of the lips, the gums the inside of the cheeks, etc. Although this discomfort is bearable but it can get irksome because it can be constant. In order to deal away with this you can resort to dental wax which you can get from any medical store and use apply it on the softer parts of the oral cavity to reduce friction upon contact with the apparatus. If you are looking for Braces in Foley, or for Orthodontics in Foley, consider Strickland Orthodontics.

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