Most of the orthopedic surgeries are happening under anesthesia, and a hip replacement surgery in Garden City MI is no different. The type of anesthesia administered to you will depend upon the kind of surgery and the damage done in your bone.

It can be either local anesthesia or general. As the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon makes a cut over the side of the hip to remove the upper part of the femur from the socket. The part is them replacement with an artificial ball and socket joint. Due to modern and advanced techniques, the surgery has become commonplace and it doesn’t take more than 2 hours to complete.

23455632 – doctor examining the twisted knee of patient

Irrespective of the type of hip replacement surgery you undergo, a routine procedure or an urgent replacement surgery, the surgery will be same; entailing the replacement of original hip with an artificial one.

Benefits of hip replacement surgery 

Undergoing a hip surgery can get you back to things you used to love doing. Here are some benefits of a hip replacement surgery in Garden City MI.

Pain Relief

Along with improved mobility and long-lasting results, the main benefit of undergoing the surgery is pain relief. If you are carrying an arthritic hip since a long time, it can affect all other areas of your life. You may already be doing physiotherapy but when medications and exercises are paired with a surgery, it gives you fantastic results.

High Success Rates

We need to tell you this. A hip replacement surgery boasts a high success rate. We have observed ourselves that 95% of our patient’s report feeling very good once the surgery is over and they are recovered from the OT hangover. Only 5% experience a complication up to some extent.

Improved Mobility and Bone Strength 

As your original hip is not moving the way it should, it needs an artificial boost. Modern healthcare technologies have made it possible for us to add a hip replacement that will offer improved mobility and bone strength. Once the surgery is successful, you will be able to carry out simply tasks, such as climbing the stairs, walking without an aid very easily.

Results are Long-Lasting

Another prominent benefit of taking up a hip replacement surgery is long-lasting results. Research has shown that 80-85% of hip replacement surgeries remain as it is for at least 20 years and even more. It means that older patients rarely need a revision surgery.

Overall a hip replacement surgery will improve your lifestyle and quality of life. As you can reclaim your ability to carry out daily routine tasks, you will be happy with whatever you are doing. Do let us if you want to know more about it.