In the time of the occurring climate changes made by human activity and the tendency to abandon fossil fuels as a main of energy source and use the so-called green renewable energy or energy obtained from ecological sources, biomass boilers have become more popular. Of course, biomass boiler cannot be installed and used everywhere, but especially in rural areas, they are water heating devices recommended for installation at home.

The use of biomass is an alternative to fossil fuels, ensuring sustainable energy and self-security in terms of fuel supply. Burning biomass is a relatively cheap source of fuel, especially if you burn waste and by-products such as straw or sawdust. Energy crops, such as poplar and willow, are also another cheap source of energy. These plants are grown to provide biomass raw materials.

Unfortunately, this solution is not free from defects and that is why for many years companies involved in the construction and production of biomass boilers have been introducing newer and newer boilers more economical in biomass consumption.

Modern biomass boiler requires experienced and well-trained engineer to install it and to ensure its proper functioning for many months, and to periodical maintenance.

Computer-controlled biomass boilers are a very efficient source of renewable energy, and therefore in some European countries the combustion of biomass has become one of the main sources of renewable energy. Biomass boilers that burn biomass such as logs, wood shavings or any matter derived from biological sources to produce alternate heating solutions is a viable renewable energy solution. This kind of boiler increases heating efficiency of installation, protects the environment and reduces our  fuel bills.

Biomass boilers are known as carbon-neutral energy sources since it does not adversely impact earth’s delicate carbon dioxide balance.

In areas that are off gas and in rural areas where biomass availability is more, this system is extremely cost-effective. Biomass fuels are typically delivered as wood chips or wood pellets, and they can stimulate local economic activity by creating fuel chains and make use of local resources of biomass.

Besides, biomass boilers provide the following benefits:

  • they are clean, without the presence of soot and other particle matters
  • you can get biomass boiler grant provided by the government
  • they are independent of prices of oil and gas

If you are thinking to install biomass boiler to your home, I’d like to give you advice to contact with your local biomass boiler service and to ask them to prepare the best solution for your house. You should know that biomass boilers are a great way to heat your home without  huge gas bills. Boilers are not so expensive and are easy available also online and your engineer will help you to buy right for your home boiler and he will ensure his maintenance in the future.


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