Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But why?

There has to be some reason, and it’s all in the name. Breakfast means ‘breaking your fast’ from the previous night and starting your day with proteins and nutrients. Generally, people think that breakfast should be a big heavy meal that is time-consuming to prepare. However, that’s not true! A morning meal should only include healthy nutrients, not fancy, expensive or heavy elements.

Here are some strategies to keep your morning Breakfast in Guelph on a healthier scale.

1- Balanced Breakfast

The biggest thumb rule of a balanced healthy breakfast is to include food items from three different food groups. Don’t get confused! Here’s how it should be-

You can take a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter on the side, a glass of milk or yogurt (your choice) with granola & cut-up fruits. That’s one choice, or you can even take scrambled eggs with leftover veggies and cheese. The options are simple and minimally processed whole foods. Have a balanced choice to improve your diet quality and nutritional gap.

2- Keep it simple

For workaholics, it’s very tempting to have a big glass of coffee, skip breakfast and be on their way to work. Although, for a healthy start to your day, breakfast is important. You don’t need to follow through with fancy breakfast choices or cooking shows delicacies. A simple grab-and-go breakfast can work. On the way out, just grab a banana, yogurt and whole-grain crackers. You will fulfil your body’s nutritional needs in a quick, low-cost meal. The next option is to try the varieties of breakfast in Guelph. You can dine and be done within a few minutes with restaurant meal options.

3- Try new foods

Explore new foods if you are bored with the same typical breakfast choices. The world is filled with exquisite breakfast options. Try culturally diverse breakfast food that is nutritionally meaningful food items. You can explore various cultural breakfast options and have a flavourful burst in your mouth. You can try Southeast Asia’s congee or Jok, a rice-based breakfast option or a Westernized savoury oatmeal. France’s croissants, Sweden’s pancakes, or Mexico’s chilaquiles are some more options.

4- Eat dinner for breakfast

Morning meals should not be confined to breakfast meal options. You can get creative and think of out-of-the-box non-traditionally food items as your first meal. Leftovers from the night over can be a fair game. You can have leftover rice with a sunny-side-up egg on the side. Not sure about leftover meat and veggies? Add them all in a bowl, add eggs and a bit of cheese, and your scrambled egg is ready. Spare yourself the hassle and try breakfast in Guelph.

Closing remark

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