Nowadays, a copier is able to perform a lot more functions than simply making copies. Today’s copiers are multi-functional devices that are able to print, scan, fax and so on. These devices are incredibly useful for business activities to ensure a streamlined workflow. The copier you lease can go on to affect your core business practices and thereby your bottom line. Thus, it is more important than ever for you to properly consider multiple factors before committing to a copier to lease. 

Printing Volume

Before you lease a copier machine, it is important to determine your printing volume. Different copiers are designed for different levels of usage. The last thing you want is to be running 5,000 pages on a machine that is ready to be used for 50,000 pages a month. At the same time, you also wouldn’t want to be running 20,000 pages on a machine that is designed to produce only 5,000 pages a month. Using your copier in this manner can severely affect the performance of the machine as well as the lifespan of the machine. 

You should figure out how much you are printing right now, and find a machine that is recommended for that Average Monthly Page Volume. The right machine will often be the one where your monthly volume is right in the middle of the manufacturer’s recommended volume ranges. However, keep in mind that these ratings are often based on the letter page size, so if you are using large papers, you may have to adjust this calculation. 


Most people assume that a faster machine means that it is capable of handling a larger volume, however, there are many fast machines that are still designed to handle under 10,000 pages a month. A fast machine might be able to print out 45-55 pages in a minute, but that doesn’t mean it can handle continuous usage. The standard rate for most office machines is 30 pages per minute. However, if this copier is for an office that relies heavily on a paper filing system, or an office that requires consistent printing (such as a law office), you will want to consider a faster machine. 

Color Output 

Colour output is another important consideration when you want to lease a copier. If you are in need of advanced colour options that involve using speciality paper, advanced finishing options and a high volume of colour printouts, you will want to look into light production copier machines. However, if your colour needs are rather simple and mostly internal, you can just get a business colour copier device. If you aren’t entirely sure what you require, you can always bring some samples into your copier provider’s showroom so that they can help you determine your exact needs. 

Leasing Terms

When you decide to lease a copier, lease terms can vary from a period of only one year, up to increments of three to five years. In general, shorter-term leases are better choices for companies that are constantly using the machine at a high volume. This is because with high volume usage, as the machine ages more and more service issues could arise. A shorter lease could therefore give you the opportunity to upgrade to a better machine, which will also ensure that you are staying up to date with the latest technology. Longer-term leases are better for companies with a smaller budget since the monthly payments for longer leases are cheaper than shorter leases. 

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