With the Australian summer months approaching us, all we know is that it gets hot and harsh, with the scorching sun draining all of your energy while you are outside.

But the last thing you want to see on a hot sunny day would be your malfunctioning air conditioner. Such a situation can significantly impact mood and productivity.  

There could be several reasons why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air but running, and we are going to list down the most common ones we have encountered.

However, one point to note is that while it is always good to have a handful of knowledge of why your air conditioner’s acting the way it is, let a professional HVAC service provider fix the issues.  

We have curated an informative blog on why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air but running and what to do in such a situation. Let’s go through it.  

Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air?

A faulty thermostat is the most common issue because some people change thermostat settings without even realizing it. In this case, change the settings to the lowest to check if the unit turns on. However, if the settings seem okay, check for the batteries and wiring.

The Filters are Clogged  

Some air conditioners automatically shut down cooling if the filters are congested or clogged. The feature is built-in to prevent damage from overheating. All year long, filters trap dust, dirt, and pollen, causing filters to get clogged and blocking the airflow.

You can fix the issues by cleaning them with a soft brush and gentle soap water or replacing them. To avoid clogged filters in the future, always schedule routine maintenance checkups and servicing. 

The Refrigerant is Leaking 

If your air conditioner is not blowing air but running, one reason could be the leakage of the refrigerant, which is a gas that drives the entire air conditioning process.

A leak not only reduces cooling with time but also leads to other issues in your home, such as increased levels of humidity.

If you suspect any changes in the temperature, you should call HVAC experts right away because this is one of the issues to be handled only by a professional hand.


The Power Supply is Irregular 

Sometimes the issue is just basic such as irregular power supply. Make sure that the air conditioner is plugged into the outlet and the power cord is not damaged. 


The Condenser is Dirty 

It is a similar problem to dirty or clogged filters. The outdoor unit of your aircon is a condenser. When a condenser is covered with dust buildup and debris, it can hinder the aircon’s performance. The good news is that you can clean your unit’s condenser at home using soapy water and a soft brush. All you have to do is be gentle. 

Maintenance is the Key

You can avoid most of the issues listed above by doing just one simple thing – scheduling maintenance slots on a regular basis. Air conditioner maintenance keeps track of minor issues that can be fixed before causing a major problem.

Surrey Air is here to help; we provide comprehensive inspection and maintenance services to domestic and commercial clients across Melbourne.