If an electrical outlet is smoking, it is a severe problem that must be fixed immediately. Your home and family will be safer if you know the solutions to fix the problem. After making sure your family is ready to leave, you should first figure out why the outlet is smoking and if there is already a fire in the wall. If you plug something in and smell burning, you may be able to stop a fire or why get the electrical service in Long Island.

Unplug the Device and Turn off the circuit

Touch the wall carefully near the plug. (Make sure your smoke alarms are working well before needing them!) If it feels hot or more smoke is coming out of the outlet, get out of the house immediately.

Waiting for help is always the safest choice, but if you want to stop a fire, you can use a fire extinguisher. For electrical fires, you should only use powder-based. Never use water to put out a fire in an electrical device. If you did that, you could get electrocuted.

Only turn the power back on to the circuit once you figure out what went wrong. For your safety, it’s best to wait until professional electricians have looked at the situation before moving forward.

Why Electrical Outlets Catch Fire

What is more crucial than knowing how to repair a smoking electrical outlet? Being able to stop the problem from happening in the first place! A problem might also be present if there is a faint smell of burning, the outlets are warm to the touch, or they have blackened or charred spots. Some common reasons why an electrical outlet might be smoking are:

Wiring Problems

Anywhere in your home’s electrical system, loose wires, broken connections, or bad grounds can cause arcing, which can lead to smoke and fire. Through outlets, smoke from fires inside the wall may get out. If smoke comes from a wall outlet not being used, the problem may be deeper than the outlet. If this is the case, you should turn off the circuit immediately at the breaker box. Check to see if the wall is hot. Only turn on the power once professional electricians have checked the circuit.

Garbage in the Outlet

If there is dust or dirt in an outlet, it can cause a short circuit. A buildup of dirt and dust can allow electricity to flow, which can cause arcing between the positive and negative wires. Once you’re sure the power to the outlet is off, you can use a screwdriver to take off the cover. This could start a fire because it makes heat.

While the power is still off, clean the plug outlets. Use a vacuum attachment to clean the outlet box and plug in any dirt or dust. Use a damp rag to clean the cover. Let everything dry completely before putting the outlet covers back on and turning the power back on.

Overloaded Outlets

Since there are so many electrical devices and appliances in homes today, it’s not surprising that overloaded outlets are a common reason why they smoke. Many home circuits are only made to handle 15 or 20 amps of load. If you plug many things into the same circuit, their total power may be more than the circuit’s handle.

Pay attention to circuits that have tripped. If a circuit keeps tripping, unplug a few things and run them on a different circuit, or talk to a licensed electrician about upgrading the circuits.

Loose Connections/Corrosion

The plug and receptacle must be securely connected for electricity to flow properly. When outlets have been used a lot, they can get worn, cracked, or corroded. This can make it hard for the prongs to connect to the receptacle. The plugs should go in tightly. Sparks or arcing can happen when electricity jumps the gap between two loose connections. The arcing makes heat, which could lead to smoke. If you see a plug that moves around, the outlet may be broken and needs to be replaced.

Hire a Pro for Electrical Issues!

Electricity has greatly changed our lives in the last 100 years, but sometimes we forget how dangerous it can be. It gives us a lot of modern conveniences and pleasures when part of a working, up-to-date electrical system. But if it gets the chance to get out of its paths and run wild, it can be very dangerous and put our homes and lives at risk. So, if you face any issues, hire an electrical service in Brentwood to fix them.