So you’re thinking of getting an Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix puppy? Great choice! These pups are a fun-loving, active bunch that are sure to keep you on your toes. But what can you expect from them when they’re young?

Well, for starters, Australian shepherd terrier mix full grown will typically be quite small. They’ll also be quite active, and will require a lot of exercise and plenty of playtime. They’re intelligent dogs, so they’ll need training and plenty of stimulation too. 

In short, if you’re prepared to put in the work, an Aussie Rat Terrier Mix puppy can make a great addition to your family.

Overview of the Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix

When you get an Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier mix puppy, you can expect to have a high-energy dog that loves to play. These dogs are typically very active and can weigh up to 50 pounds. They are also very intelligent, so make sure you are prepared to put in the work to keep up with their needs.

Genetic Predisposition of an Aussie Rat Terrier Mix

When you get an Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix puppy, you can expect them to grow to be about 16 to 18 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 25 to 45 pounds. They will have a moderate energy level and require a moderate amount of exercise. This means a 30 minute walk each day should do the trick.

Keep in mind that this is only an estimate, as puppies will grow at different rates. Some may grow to be smaller while others may be taller than the average. And some may weigh more or less than the ranges given here.

Size, Weight and Coat of an Aussie Rat Terrier Mix

Your Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix puppy will likely weigh in at around 15-30 pounds and will be about 12-18 inches tall. The mix’s coat can be short or medium in length, and will be straight or wavy. The coat is typically a solid color, but may also have markings of white, black, tan or red.

Temperament and Health Considerations for the Aussie Rat Terrier Mix

As a puppy, your Aussie Rat Terrier mix will need plenty of affection and attention. They are typically very outgoing and friendly towards other animals and people. As with any breed, consistent training and positive reinforcement is key for proper socialization. They tend to do well in family environments since they get along so well with others.

When it comes to health, this mix is generally considered fairly healthy with an average life expectancy of 12-15 years. However, they may be prone to certain conditions such as hip dysplasia and eye problems associated with the rat terrier side of their heritage. In addition, make sure to watch your pup during cold months as they are more prone to chills due to their shorter coat. Regular vet check-ups are advised for all pups, but especially for this mix since some conditions may not be as visible until later in life.

What to Feed an Aussie Rat Terrier Puppy?

It’s also important to note that, because of their small size, an Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier mix puppy will require smaller amounts of food than an adult dog. As your puppy grows, you can gradually increase the amount and adjust it according to his activity level.

When it comes to food choice for an Aussie Rat Terrier mix, opt for a quality puppy food specifically formulated for small breeds. Look for one that has quality proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals such as omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and phosphorous.

Also keep in mind that puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. So you should always have specific puppy foods designed just for them. If you’re not sure what to look for when it comes to ingredients and nutrient levels, a veterinarian can provide guidance.

How to Train a Mini Aussie Rat Terrier Mix

Training your Mini Aussie Rat Terrier Mix puppy is a lot like training any other dog—it’s all about consistency and positive reinforcement. Rather than punishing your pup when they do something wrong, focus on rewarding them and praising them when they do something right.

Your pup is intelligent, so chances are they’ll get the hang of basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ pretty quickly, so be sure to keep things interesting by mixing up their training routine from time to time. The key is to be patient and work with them until they understand the commands.

Expect your Mini Aussie Rat Terrier Mix puppy to be a bit of a handful during their early days. This little bundle of energy will likely try their hardest to test the boundaries, so it’s important that you remain firm but loving during this time for the best results. Remember, consistent rules will ensure that your pup grows into a confident and well-adjusted adult dog!


So, what can you expect when you get an Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix puppy? Well, in short, you can expect a playful, active, and loving dog that will make a great addition to your family. These puppies are incredibly versatile and can excel in a number of different activities, making them a great choice for nearly any home. If you’re ready to bring a new member into your family, be sure to check out the Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix puppy!