One of the best places in India that one can visit in Uttarakhand. This state in India is famous for its religious spots, mountains, and hills. The numerous mountains, hills, and forests make this place a site where one can find natural beauty.

Due to the hilly areas in this region, this place also attracts trekkers worldwide. One of the best places here is Chopta and Chandrashila. If you are a person who wants to go hiking in Uttarakhand, then you must know about these places. One can search for these places online using keywords like the Chopta Chandrashila trek package

About Chopta And Chandrashila

Chopta is a hilly region in Uttarakhand. It consists of several small villages and cities only. It is a good hill station.

The place consists of several hills and small forests. There are also several small lakes flowing around here. Due to such features, most people call this place the Indian version of Switzerland.

On the other hand, another important place in this region is Chandrashila. This is a summit that is present just above the Tungnath temple. The height of this summit is 3690 metres. 

It is present at 12,110 feet above sea level. This makes it one of the highest regions in Uttarakhand. One can glimpse the Himalayas and other mountain ranges extending toward China from this place. 

These places become even more beautiful in terms of natural scenery during winter. This is due to heavy snowfall in these areas. Therefore, people who love to visit snowy regions can come here during this season.

What Does The Trek Package Offer?

A person can expect several things from the Chopta Chandrashila trek package. The trek package will be for six days and five nights. First, a person needs to arrive at Rishikesh on the first day. From there, one needs to go to Sari. 

One might need to stay in a hotel in Rishikesh for the first day. On the way to Sari, a person can visit Chopta. Here a person can enjoy the scenic beauty and also go on trekking expeditions. 

On the second day, one needs to travel from Sari to Deoriatal. A traveller would need to visit all places in these two regions on the second day. 

On the third day, a traveller will go from Deoriatal to Syalmi. Here the traveller can go on treks to hilly areas present in these locations. 

The fourth day will involve a visit to Baniya Kund. Here again, one will get the chance to go on treks to the hilly places. For example, people can also perform rope climbing in hilly regions.

A traveller will then visit Chandrashila on the fifth day. Here one will be able to climb to the summit’s peak. One will also get to see the Tungnath temple too. One will need to go back to Sari again. On the final day, the traveller needs to go back to Rishikesh.


The Chopta Chandrashila trek package will allow you to visit many places in Uttarakhand within a week. This will allow your dream of going on a trekking adventure to come true. This package will enable you to experience what natural beauty looks like in India. If you are a foreigner, you can learn more about India’s past and religious beliefs through this trek.