Decks are a great addition to any home and add value. However, they need proper maintenance and regular repair to keep them looking as good as new. If yours is starting to look a little less than perfect, it may be time for some deck repair summerville sc!

Repairing Concrete Footings: When a deck’s concrete footings begin to crumble or deteriorate due to age, erosion and water damage, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible. If left untreated, they could cause the entire structure to sink into the ground, which is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious structural issues to your home.

Foundation Problems: Over time, changes in the soil around your foundation can cause a sinking foundation and various symptoms like bowing walls, sagging floors and stuck windows. These problems make your home uncomfortable and can be hazardous.

Stains & Dents: If your wooden deck begins to show stains or blemishes due to sun exposure, wind and rain, they need to be removed. These can compromise the durability of your stain or paint job and open you up to serious issues like water damage, rot and mold.

Power Washing: Before a deck is painted or stained, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly using a pressure washer. This process is much quicker and more efficient than scrubbing manually, but it’s essential to hire a professional for this job. If you’re ready to make your deck look brand-new again, contact Pro Deck Builders Charleston to schedule an appointment today!