While you should not overlook the importance of foo health, you will know that your feet are made for walking. If you are moving, exercising , and working, you will understand that you have your quality of life. If your foot is not functioning in a proper way, you will find that you are experiencing flat foot , which is a common condition.

There will be no development of normal arches if you have flat feet. You will need to check with a podiatrist, and undergo flat feet surgery in Florida.  You will find it difficult to run, walk, and stand for long time. The surgery will help you to recover from the problems, as you will be able to spend a happy life with normal movements of feet.

In this article, readers will know about the types of flat foot surgery that has been discussed below.

Types of flatfoot reconstruction

Surgical Treatment

The types of flatfoot surgeries are categorized by original condition, as there are various causes of flatfoot

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

If the tendon connected with the calf muscles to inner foot is inflamed or torn, you will know that you have posterior  tibial tendon dysfunction. Such tendon damage will no longer help the function and formation of arch of foot. Such condition can give rise to flat foot condition, as the condition can be treated by following ways.

Lengthening of Achilles Tendon:

When it comes to flat feet treatment in Jupiter, podiatrists will use gastrocnemius recession as they lengthen the calf muscles. The surgery will stop the return of flat foot. There will be correction of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, as it will correct this condition , along with flat feet condition.

Cleaning the tendon

Surgeons will use the tensoynovectomy, as they will try to limit the posterior tibial dysfunction. The procedure is used by podiatrists at a less severe, and earlier of posterior tibial stage. The procedure is done when the tendons are mildly affected, and before the arch gets collapsed. It will also help to recover from flat foot condition as well.

Podiatrists will remove remaining healthy tendon, as they will clean the inflamed tissue as well.

Transfer of Tendon

Podiatrists will do tendon transfer, as they will try to reform lost arch in the foot, and correct flatfoot. Foot specialists will remove the diseased tendon , and replace the tendon with another one from other area of foot. Podiatrists will remove, the damaged tendon, after cleaning the tendon.

Shifting And Cutting of Bones

Podiatrists use osteotomy as they need to reconstruct the bones in the foot for rebuilding arch. While podiatrists want to give the desired result, the midfoot ,and heel bone are reshaped in the foot. While fusing the bones, foot specialists may use bone grafting method.

As the condition heal, podiatrists will use plates, and screws to hold up the bones.

Rheumatoid Arthritis of The Foot and Ankle

When there is an inflammatory disease that attacks the cartilage in the ankle and foot, it is called rheumatoid arthritis. It is a very bad effect of flat foot , and can be treated in the following ways.


Flat foot is usually stiff, and is not flexible to be treated with tendon transfer when caused by arthritis. Podiatrists, while providing foot and ankle treatment in Jupiter, will do fusion in the joints, and will realign the foot. Such procedures will help you to bring back the foot into normal shape.

Foot specialists will remove all the cartilage from the joint , and replace them with the bone graft materials that will fuse the joint. There will be little pain, as fusion of leg joints will create one solid bone. While the bones will fuse together, podiatrists will use instrumentation to secure the bones.

Triple Arthrodesis

Surgeons will join all the three bones in the hindfoot, as they will fused with bone graft material.

Diabetic Collapse (Charcot Foot)

People who have diabetes can experience a severe version of flat foot, as it can create nerve damage as well. There is often no pain from the collapse of arch as well. While there will be severe deformity in the foot, the condition can progress, and take a bad shape.

Podiatrists will perform surgery, as they will fix the condition. It is seen that there will be quick flat feet surgery recovery time, as the procedure is over. Your Achilles tendon will be lengthen , as podiatrists will do the surgery , and fusion surgery as well. It will help you to overcome the flat foot condition as well.

Podiatrists will perform surgery for bony prominence, as they will remove bony bump on the bottom of foot. Foot specialists will perform stable deformity, as the bones will shaved away. Due to diabetic collapse , there can be flat foot, and ankle deformity as well. Podiatrists will perform fusion to heal the condition.

Final Words

There are various types of surgeries that will heal your flat foot condition. You will recover , and should be able to walk in a proper way , once the surgery is done.