We all know that mealtime is the best part of your furry friend’s day. Why not ensure that your pets are eating what is best for them? Commercial dog food often consists of beef or chicken, which are used as their most common source of proteins. Recently, several other sources of nutrition, like Whitefish, have started becoming a common ingredient in pet food. Let us tell you what Whitefish is, how it can benefit your pet, and what the best White fish for dogs is.

What is Whitefish?

The term “Whitefish” is used for several species of fish, particularly the species that live near or on the seafloor. Cod, whiting, pollack, pike, flounder, and more species are included in this group. The environments that Whitefish dwell in result in them having flaky white or light-coloured flesh, hence the name. Additionally, their environment is the reason why these fish carry so many benefits. When it comes to nutrition, Whitefish is a good source of lean protein and has a high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Why feed your dog white fish?

The abundance of benefits that Whitefish carry makes them exceptionally healthy and nutritious for your dogs. To name a few, it contains few calories, is high in nutrients, and is easy to digest. Still not convinced? Some other benefits include the following:

1. It is high in vitamins

Whitefish has significant levels of vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B12, which aid in the regulation of nerve activities and blood circulation.

2. Sensitive to pets with allergies

Whitefish is very healthy due to its important fatty acids, which can aid in the restoration of painful, scaly, damaged, or itchy skin. Fish-based dog food, in general, is advised for dogs that are allergic to typical proteins such as chicken or beef. This is because the Omega-3 fatty acids present in white fish can aid in decreasing inflammation and the severity of allergic reactions that can occur in dogs with sensitive stomachs.

3. Your dogs will love the flavour

Is your dog a picky eater? Mix up their diet a little bit by adding a brand new flavour to it. Most dogs tend to find the taste/flavour of Whitefish pretty yummy.

4. Incredible for senior dogs

Due to its low-fat content, whitefish-based dog food goes gentle on the stomachs of senior dogs.

5. Coat repair

Say hello to a healthy, shiny fur coat! Due to the abundance of Omega-3s found in Whitefish, the fish-based food aids in maintaining your dog’s healthy coat and rids it of dryness and itchiness.

What’s the best Whitefish for dogs?

Due to its numerous health benefits, dog food manufacturers have started incorporating Whitefish into their formulas. Every pet owner’s goal is to provide their furry friend with the most healthy, nutritious food available, and recent studies have shown that fish is what provides exactly that. There are many fish-based dog food brands, such as Skipper’s, that manufacture primarily fish-based pet food. So, go ahead and get what is best for your dog! From fighting inflammation to keeping your dog’s bones strong, whitefish has numerous health benefits. If your dog’s immune system is weak you may want them to have whitefish because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can strengthen your dog’s bones overtime.