Do you think your dog is senior and you should switch their food to Support Local Cat Food in Squamish? If your dog reaches the age of 7, you should change the diet of your dog. This is a good time to start thinking about switching the dog diet. Now, let’s look at some more facts about this!

Is senior dog food necessary?

When your dog gets older, their body changes in several ways! Older dogs tend to move slower and are less active physically & mentally. The older dogs are less active than the younger dogs. They lose their body mass & also decrease their mobility, and that’s why you should Support Local Dog Food in Squamish.

If your dog reaches age 8, it will start showing signs of cognitive decline. This condition is known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction syndrome. Because of these reasons, senior dogs can benefit from specialized nutritional support! Here we have mentioned what to feed senior dogs. The quality of the food formulated supports your dog in several ways. Here is what you should look for when you reach the senior dog Support Local Dog Food in Squamish store.

  • Choose pet food that contains a high level of protein
  • Select the food options that help to maintain the lean muscle mass
  • The pet food product should be great in taste and healthy
  • The lower labels of fat help to balance the healthy weight
  • Support Local Cat Food in Squamish that contains Omega fatty acids and glucosamine
  • Select the products which help to support joints & mobility
  • Choose products made with Antioxidants that support to help the healthy immune system
  • Select products that help to promote mental strength

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