The lines on your palm tell a lot about you. How long will your life be? How will be your education? At what age will you get married and how will be your married life? Today, through this article we are here to highlight those measures which signify how will be your married life, at what age could you get married, etc. This article will greatly help you analyze and understand all such aspects and you will be able to find out by looking at your marriage line yourself how interesting and boring your love life is.

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Where is the marriage line located in your Palm? 

First of all, let’s talk about where is this line in the palm. Just as there is a house of marriage in the horoscope, similarly there is a line of marriage in the hand. In the above picture, you can see that the marriage line is below the little finger in the palm, this line is above your heart line and comes from the outer side of the Mount of Mercury. The length of the marriage line and its shape unfolds many secrets about your married life. There can be more than one marriage line in the palm.

When will you get married? 

There are some connoisseurs of palmistry who can accurately predict when you will get married by looking at your palm. However, a person himself can guess at what age he will get married by looking at his ‘Vivah Rekha’. Consider the following things for how you can find out your marriageable age by looking at the marriage line in your palm.

  • If the marriage line is exactly in the middle of the heart line and the line of the little finger, it means that the person can get married till the age of 25 years.
  • If this line is close to the heart line, then there is also a possibility of the person getting married before the age of 25 years.

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Who lives successful married life as per the marriage line? 

  • Those people whose hand line is clear, their married life is very happy.
  • If the marriage line is not cut from anywhere, then there are no problems in married life and the life partner is understanding.
  • If this line is divided into two parts then there may be a delay in the marriage of the person.
  • If small lines are seen around the marriage line, it means that romance will remain in married life.
  • If the marriage lines on the hands of the bride and groom are clear and beautiful, then both likely to support each other in every situation. But such a clear combination in one’s hand is hard to find and rare to get.

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The Way Forward 

To avoid further misunderstanding try to listen to your spouse’s words and try to understand them as they are. The more you understand each other, the less the distance between you will be. You should also avoid giving weight to unnecessary things because this is thought to be a big reason for fighting.