What will be the right seating options for your newly opened restaurant? Well, you can consider the modern counter stools and bar stools in Sydney. But what if the space is limited and you can only choose one type of stool for your restaurant seating?

About 84% of diners want to feel ‘relaxed’ when they dine out in a restaurant. Thus, considering the comfortable seating will be one of the vital things about opening an eatery.

What are counter stools?

Counter stools or counter-height bar stools are a type of seating, designed according to the counter-height of tables or surfaces. Offering an elevated design, these stools are comfy enough to allow the diners to chat, dine and enjoy their meals at the counter-height surfaces. They can also enhance the overall dining experience while maximising the space use.

What are bar stools?

Unlike the former, bar stools are a versatile seating type, designed to work amazingly for modern eateries. These elevated seating options can maximise the seating capacity of your place by using vertical space. Bar stools in restaurants can promote a social and vibrant vibe making them ideal for casual dining settings.

How to consider what to choose among bar and counter stools for your restaurant’s interior?

Selecting the ideal setting for your restaurant interior plays a huge role in sales. Most people seek ‘comfort’ when they choose a place to dine in. Besides, comfortable seating can also make people spend more time and order more. Stools can be a great option for utilising space and making your guests feel ‘relaxed.’

But how can you understand what will be the right stools for your place? Well, here’re 6 facts,


1. Height:


i) One of the most vital facts about choosing the right stools for your eatery is their height.

ii) Bar stools are taller. They’re designed for elevated counters or bars. They’re usually about 102 cm. – 107 cm. (40 inches – 42 inches) tall.

iii) On the contrary, counter-height stools are shorter than the former. They’re about 91 cm. – 99 cm. (36 inches – 39 inches) tall.

iv) Tall bar stools are ideal for creating a social and lively vibe in your eatery while counter stools are comfier for infants and short people.


2. Maintenance:


i) Another vital factor in choosing the right stools is their maintenance process.

ii) For a frequently used and high-traffic commercial setting, stools will show wear, spills and stains.

iii) Choosing a stool that’s easy to clean and move while resistant to stains will be the best for your restaurant.

3. Comfort:

i) Comfort is the key consideration when choosing stools for your restaurant seating.

ii) You must choose ergonomic options to promote comfy seating in your eatery.

iii) Bar stools come with footrests that can support the legs and feet of your guests.

iv) While counter-height stools provide more comfort with a reduced height.

4. Materials:

i) When choosing the right stools for your restaurant, you must consider the materials.

ii) Choosing stools offering the greatest durability while enhancing the aesthetic of your place will be the best.

iii) Stools made of sturdy materials like wood, plastic, metal and upholstery are great choices.

iv) Choosing high-quality and long-lasting stools can also transform your restaurant into a fun place.

5. Aesthetic:

i) Restaurant seating contributes the most to the aesthetic of the place.

ii) Both bar and counter stools are aesthetically appealing in their ways.

iii) You must choose the right style, colour and design to find the right one for your eatery.

iv) They can also take the visual of your place to the next level.

6. Prices:

i) Last but not least, you must consider the budget before investing in restaurant seating.

ii) The prices of counter and bar stools differ based on the design, materials and brand.

iii) Bar stools are usually higher than counter stools in price due to their tall height and large size.



What will be the right seating for your new restaurant? Well, considering counter and bar stools in Sydney can be great. Based on comfort, aesthetics and maintenance, they both are ideal for modern eateries. Prioritising the vital considerations can help you choose the right stools for your place.