When a company wants to raise money, it can issue the stock for sale by issuing either Debt or Equity Funds. With Equity Funds, the first offering is made through listing the shares for the public in the Stock Market. This first offering is called an Initial Public Offering, and it is when the company goes public.

An upcoming IPO is an attractive investment option as there is a greater chance for a company getting a new rush of capital to likely grow and consequently appreciate its share value. Thus, it is a great way to make both short-term and long-term profits. However, before investing in it, you should check its basic details like the demand and supply of money, stock and company fundamentals, and trends.

List of upcoming offerings

IPO investors should apply for the latest public offerings online through banks or stockbrokers. You can also use UPI-based online applications or invest from your bank directly through ASBA. The following are the latest offerings in 2023:

Puranik Builders Limited

Puranik Builders is a company that develops both residential and commercial real estate. It was founded in 1990. The company has so far finished about 35 projects, mainly in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the Pune Metropolitan Region. It is planning an upcoming public offering in which it hopes to raise Rs. 510 crore, with over 17 additional projects in the works.

FabIndia Limited

FabIndia is a retail clothing brand with an online and physical presence supported by Wipro’s Azim Premji. The company filed it’s Draft Red Herring Prospectus long ago, but it intends to raise around Rs. 500 crore through a new share issuance in early 2023. You need to compulsorily open a Demat Account and Trading Account for investing in the Indian Share Markets.

Inspira Enterprise India Limited

The Prakash Jain family owns the enterprise solutions provider Inspira Enterprises. The Rs. 800 crore upcoming IPO consists of an offer for the sale of Rs. 500 crore and a new issue of Rs. 300 crore. The company will use the proceeds from the latest issue to pay off work capital and debt needs. Additionally, it also provides numerous cross-vertical solutions.

ESAF Small Finance Bank Limited

The Kerala-based ESAF Small Finance Bank specialises in Microloans. The Rs. 998 crore offer includes an offer for sale worth Rs. 198 crore and a new offer worth Rs. 80 crore. The portion of the latest issue will be used to increase its capital adequacy and provide money for on-lending in its core lending business.

Fincare Small Finance Bank Limited

A new issue of Rs. 330 crore and an offer for sale of Rs. 1,000 crore make up Fincare Small Finance Bank’s Rs. 1,330 crore initial public offering. Fincare works like a large unbanked population, and it uses these new funds to increase its Tier-1 capital base to quickly expand its Loan book.