Any business will need multiple payment gateways for the following reasons:

  • Decrease fees.
  • Offer alternative payment methods.
  • Decrease the decline ratio
  • Offer better customer experience.
  • Increase your geo.

Having multiple payment providers can be beneficial. Although, your business may not need it. You may be dealing with forex payouts or something else, let us tell you if you need a multiple payment gateway for your concern.

1.Multiple payment providers are good for medium and large businesses with average monthly volumes starting at $50K. Higher monthly volume will require flawless transaction flow and dozens of alternative payment methods to meet the needs of the customers all over the world. In addition to this, these businesses must always have a backup gateway to process their payments in case the main one crashes.

2.Businesses with multiple GEOs are going to require multiple payment providers. If your business in targeting different people from different countries or locations, you need to have several payment providers to offer local and alternative payment methods. This will also grow the customer loyalty and, as a result, conversion rates.

3.You will need multiple payment gateway if you are willing to increase your approval ratio. In case of forex payouts, if you want to increase your deals, you will need these multiple payment gateways.

Besides these, a high-risk business is also going to need a payment gateway. If you need one, you can always reach out to us.