Everyone is aware of the amount of hard work and patience it needs to run a successful business. All successful businessmen put their heart and soul into running their businesses but there is another thing that plays a vital role while running a business, and it is “Luck”.

Your luck works in your favour if the planets and the stars in your Kundali are aligned to give you what you desire and the best way to find that out is to Talk to Astrologer on the phone or chat.

Your Kundali plays an important role while determining your career so it’s best to have your Kundali read in order to focus on your choice of career. 

Do you wish to run a business and want to know how to find out if your planets support you in this decision? Let me help you find out.  

While reading your Kundali for business questions, all you need to do is look at the 2nd, 7th, and 9th houses of your Kundali. If the planets that are placed in these houses are supportive of the ascendant in the 10th house then you have made the right decision by running a business. 


Houses and Business

The houses in your Kundali can help you determine what your future holds for you. Does it help you predict success in business? Absolutely! 


Partnership in Business

The native will have trouble conducting business in a partnership if the 2nd house in their horoscope is directly affected by malefic planets. If the 2nd and 7th house lords are the same and the 7th house is affected by malefic planets, the condition will remain the same.

The native will be able to conduct business with his life partner or a close friend of the opposite sex, however, if the planets in the 7th house are benefic, such as Mercury, Moon, or Jupiter, or if the 2nd house is afflicted with malefic or the lords of the 2nd and 7th houses are not equal.

However, the native can work in collaboration with anyone if the 2nd and 7th houses are connected or equal, and Mercury is in either the 2nd or 7th house.


Business and Success 

The native is successful in business if Mercury is benefic in the ascendant, second, or eleventh house, and the second, ninth, and eleventh houses are in favourable positions. The second and eleventh houses, which are responsible for managing finances, should have favourable planetary alignments as well as good fortune for economic success. Similarly to this, if the second house is in a favourable position but the eleventh house is unfavorable, the native may operate a little business or, if one is already established, it may continue to lose money after a few years.


Business and Failure 

The native will not be successful in any form of business if the 11th house is plagued by malefic planets, debilitated, or connected with only hostile planets impacting luck. Likewise, it is challenging for the locals to prosper in business if the 11th house is strong and fate is unfavourable together with the ailing 2nd house. If all the houses are strong but the luck is bad or vice versa, the circumstance still does not favour the locals. The second and eleventh houses must be strong, and luck must be on your side, in order to achieve success in business. Strong homes create sources for commerce.


Planets and Business

Mercury is the planet of business in the native’s horoscope.

The native is endowed with a business mentality if Mercury is benefic in the second house and the ascendant is in a favourable position. The native does well in business when Mercury and the Moon aspect the second house or the second house’s ruler and create a lucky link.

By making investments or trading in shares, one can achieve significant financial success. The native engages in commerce involving real estate or autos if benefic Mercury from the second house transits into the fourth house and is in the ascendant.

Similarly, if Mercury is in the ascendant and the Moon is in the seventh house, the native has excellent business sources in addition to a sharp mind. He becomes wealthy and well-known in society thanks to his business endeavours.

Consequently, the placement of planets in the various houses of the horoscope that stand for money and income determines the availability of business chances. The combinations of planets and houses aspecting each other at the time of the native’s birth determine whether a business will succeed or fail.