In your quest for the ideal commercial property investment in the vibrant city of Gurgaon, you may have encountered numerous options, but today, we present to you the most exceptional choice—Milestone at 32nd Avenue. This extraordinary project is poised to captivate your imagination and offer an unmatched opportunity for investment in a luxury commercial property.

The Epitome of Luxury

Milestone at 32nd Avenue stands tall as India’s first GRIHA-certified commercial property. It is a testament to luxury, where every detail has been meticulously designed to provide a grand canvas for showcasing brands artistically. The property boasts a unique feature – a lock-in period of nine years, allowing you to relish your space without any interruptions.

Architectural Grandeur

What sets Milestone apart are its 30 pillarless structures that lend an air of grandeur to the property. These architectural marvels provide an ideal backdrop for businesses to showcase their brands with elegance and flair. This exquisite project offers a platform for established brands to continue their journey and for innovative ones to introduce their creations to the world.

A Venue for Creative Expression

Milestone at 32nd Avenue is not just a commercial property; it’s an opportunity for creative expression. The property’s architecture and design create a unique atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for businesses in various sectors, including fashion, food, and technology. The property encourages innovative brands to showcase their designs in an ambiance that exudes elegance.

An Aquatic Welcome

One of the standout features of Milestone is its aqua curtain entrance. As you step into this luxurious high-street boutique, you are greeted by a curtain of flowing water, setting the stage for an exceptional experience. It’s not just a commercial property; it’s an entrance to a world of sophistication and possibilities.

Investing in Milestone at 32nd Avenue

If you are considering investing in a commercial property in Gurgaon, Milestone at 32nd Avenue is the best choice. Its unique features, architectural brilliance, and commitment to providing a platform for brands make it an outstanding investment opportunity. Whether you’re looking for a space for your own brand or seeking to invest in commercial properties, Milestone offers an environment where business thrives.


Milestone at 32nd Avenue Gurgaon stands as the undisputed choice when it comes to investing in a commercial property in this thriving area. With its GRIHA certification, lock-in period, pillarless structures, and aqua curtain entrance, it provides a remarkable platform for brands to flourish. If you seek the best commercial property investment in 32nd Avenue Gurgaon, Milestone is your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is GRIHA certification, and why is it important for Milestone at 32nd Avenue?
    GRIHA certification stands for Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment, and it highlights the project’s environmental performance. Milestone’s GRIHA certification ensures that it meets high sustainability standards, making it an eco-friendly and energy-efficient choice.
  2. How can I invest in Milestone at 32nd Avenue Gurgaon?
    Investing in Milestone is straightforward. You can get in touch with the property’s sales and marketing team to discuss available options and make an informed decision based on your investment goals.
  3. What types of businesses are suitable for Milestone at 32nd Avenue?
    Milestone’s architectural design and ambiance make it suitable for a wide range of businesses, including fashion boutiques, restaurants, tech startups, and more. It’s a versatile space that accommodates various industries.
  4. Is the lock-in period at Milestone negotiable?
    The lock-in period at Milestone is set at nine years, ensuring stability and consistency for investors and brands. It is not typically negotiable, as it is a key feature of the property.
  5. What is the significance of the aqua curtain entrance at Milestone?
    The aqua curtain entrance at Milestone sets a luxurious and welcoming tone for visitors. It creates a unique and memorable first impression, making it an attractive feature for brands seeking to make a statement.
  6. Can innovative brands find a platform at Milestone at 32nd Avenue?
    Yes, Milestone actively encourages innovative brands to showcase their designs and creations within its premises. The property provides a dynamic environment for new and creative businesses to thrive.


Milestone at 32nd Avenue Gurgaon is the epitome of luxury and an ideal investment for those seeking commercial property in this bustling location. With its GRIHA certification, long lock-in period, architectural excellence, and innovative ambiance, it offers an exceptional platform for businesses. When it comes to the best commercial property to invest in 32nd Avenue Gurgaon, Milestone shines as the top choice.