Level 1: Which one of the animals is the biggest geometry dash subzero ? The lion is the answer because it is the biggest animal in the picture in real life. And it is the most important part of the question.

Level 2: All you have to do to make the flower bloom is move the clouds out of the way so the sun can shine. All together, there are about five clouds to move.

Level 3: To put the elephant in the fridge, tap the handle to open it, then put the elephant in. The elephant is already small enough to fit inside, so there’s no trick involved.

Level 4: Which one is closest? Tap on the moon, since the word “us” is closest to it in the question. It’s not as far away as the clouds.

Level 5: To count the pizza slices correctly, you have to move some of them out of the way with your finger and then count them. This is because some of the slices are hidden behind the ones you can see. There are 9 pieces of pizza all together.

Level 6: If you pass the person in second place, you will move up to second place. That’s because the racer who was in second place is now in third, which used to be your spot.

Level 7: The arrow looks like it should be moved to the right, but it’s not. To unlock, slide the arrow left, out of the box and off the screen.

Level 8: To feed the “cat,” put the cat treat/cookie over the word “cat” in the question. Skip over the picture of the cat and the fence.

Level 9: There is no green ball at first. There are only red, yellow, and blue balls. You can make a green ball by putting the yellow and blue balls together. Put the yellow ball and the blue ball together to find the green ball.

Level 10: Look at the hands of each person in the picture to figure out what’s different. As you can see in the picture below, the jester on the right side will have six fingers on one hand.



Level 11: February is the longest month because its name has the most letters. It’s the shortest one in a few days, but it has the most words.

Level 12: Tap only the falling apples, not the ones that are rising, to catch 5 falling apples. If you tap a rising apple, you’ll have one more to catch. When you tap a falling apple, your count goes down by one. When your count reaches zero, you pass the level.

Level 13: To make Tom the cat able to jump to the other side, drag the mushroom from the right side to Tom and drop it on him. This will make him grow, and you can then hit jump.

Level 14: Tap the red on/off button on the front of the dangerous kettle to turn it off. The cord and scissors are just there to distract you. This is an example of a level that doesn’t have a trick when you’d expect one.

Level 15: PEMDAS says that you should start by multiplying in order to solve the math problem. 4+5*5-2 = 4+25-2 = 27.

Level 16: To tap them in the right order, take a picture of your phone’s screen so you can see the numbers even after they’re gone. Then, look at the screen shot you took and tap the numbers in the order shown.

Level 17: To find the hidden number in the equation 5-15-25-(rock)-100, tap the rock, then drag your finger across the screen to move the rock out of the way. The number will appear. The hidden number is 40.

Level 18: There are 28 days in how many months? The correct answer is one year. Each month has at least 28 days. The question didn’t say “exactly 28 days,” it just asked how many months have 28 days.

Level 19: To save the boy, take the shovel and put it in the hill on the left side of the grassy area. A bone will pop out when the shovel digs it up. The dog wants the bone.

Level 20: To find the black sheep, drag the word “black” out of the question and put it on one of the sheep to turn it black. You can answer this question with any sheep you want.

Level 21: In spelling, what is the last letter? The letter g is the last letter in the word “spelling.” The question was not about the last letter of the alphabet, but about the word “spelling.”

Level 22: Someone has crashed the cat party! In this picture, it’s the rat on the left. Here it is, marked with a red circle:

Level 23: To save her, make a thunderstorm by putting the two clouds in the sky together. The lightning will strike the thief, and the girl will be safe.

Level 24: to catch the mouse, use the arrow buttons to move the cat around the outside of the maze, since there are no paths inside of the maze.

Tom the cat is once again hungry. Put the cat food can on the hot plate to cook it so he can eat. Then give it to the cat when it’s done.

Level 26: To make them fall in love, pop The balloon by dragging it over to the wedding rings, which will pop the balloon due to sharpness of the diamond. When it pops, then you’ll pass the level.

Level 27: To make a better dice roll, shake the phone to re-roll the dice. The dice will then roll in the pattern of two sixes.

Level 28: To click on the calves, put the two cows together and then four calves will pop out. Once they do, tap them one by one to complete the level.

Level 29: To find the “right” cat, or the cat that is on the right, use one or more fingers to swipe the cats from right to left to move them, allowing you to see the actual cat on the right.

Level 30: Spot the differences – or be prepared to be tricked by the game. There are no differences between the two pictures. They are exactly the same.