Why is white marble great for kitchens? Well, there are many more reasons. If you are searching for a marble kitchen island to install, then experts will suggest choosing a white marble design. And it is not only about the bright white look but for other benefits. And we will discuss it further in the following blog post.

Why Should You Choose A White Marble Design For Your Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands are a great place to decorate. And nothing can beat marbles in this. Regardless of the type and theme of your kitchen, marbles can go well with it. Alongside that, there are tonnes of other benefits to choosing a white marble design for your kitchen island. And here are some of them:

1. If you are concerned about stains white marble will be great for you.

Why? Well, most people think of creamy marbles for lighter shades. While others look for other colours like red, green, black and gold. But experts suggest sticking with white marbles will do the work. As darker marbles can be etched by acidic substances like vegetables and fruits. Acidic substances leave a whitish mark on the marble surface. But when you choose a white marble, you can get rid of this concern.

2. White suits every interior regardless of anything.

Is your kitchen colourful with lots of coloured cabinets? Or is it monochromatic? No matter what it is, you can include white marble everywhere. Given the stunning white texture with beautiful veins on it, white marble islands can bring an earthy aesthetical vibe to your kitchen. Also, it can make your kitchen look bigger than it is with the reflection of light.

3. White marble slabs are easy to maintain.

Marbles are easy to maintain. You do not need a specialised cleanser to clean your marble tops. All you need is gentle soap and warm water. Wiping your marble countertops with this solution can make your marble island look new. But when it is white marble, you do not need to worry about the residues. Soap residues are not noticeable on white marbles the way it is on darker shades.

How to find the right white marble slabs for your kitchen island?

Finding the right marble is tough. Since there are tonnes of marble and natural stones available, it confuses us to choose one. And when it comes to white marble slabs, it is mandatory to choose the right one. Here are some tips:

  • First, ask about the origin of the marble from your stone supplier. Italian marbles are the most popular white marble variants. Apart from that, there are other variants as well in white marble. Hence, you must know what type of marble you are buying for your kitchen.
  • Second, check if your marble slabs have breakages. It is not unusual to think of any lines on marbles as breakages. Yet, some fissures look like breakages but not one. Instead, it is a natural feature of marble. But how to differentiate between them? Well, rub on the fissure-like mark with your nails and see if it is getting any gap. If yes, then it is breakage.
  • Third, make sure to consider the veins of the marble. Choose your marble slabs according to the veins. Every marble slab is unique. And thus, you should look at the veining to find the right slabs for your kitchen island.

Are you looking for a unique way to revamp your kitchen interior? Instead of investing in costlier items, go for a white marble kitchen island. Regardless of the theme and colour of your kitchen, it can go along with everything. All you have to do is choose the right marble slabs and contact a professional stonemason.