oday, most banks offer exclusive privileges for their customers, especially high-net-worth individuals. These are special perks to enjoy meant for loyal customers and long association with the bank. They are called Signature Experiences. It is offered to enhance your banking experience. The Signature Experience includes numerous lifestyle perks besides standard banking services.

The objective is to allow customers to avail of these privileges anytime they want. Here is what you should know about this new-age banking style:

Travel privileges

HNIs tend to travel frequently. Due to this, banks have specific travel privileges under Signature Experiences. These travel perks include:

  • Complimentary airport pick-ups or drop-offs
  • Access to VIP lounges at select domestic and international airports
  • Hotel referrals & Travel information
  • Ticketing assistance
  • Visa Requirement Information
  • Lost document/ baggage assistance & advice
  • Emergency document delivery

These are basic examples. Note that the number of offerings and their terms depends on your bank and its Premium Banking system.

Doorstep financial & non-financial services

Sometimes, you cannot visit the bank physically to complete formalities. In such cases, you get access to different financial and non-financial doorstep services like:

  • Cash pick-up
  • Cash delivery against withdrawal from your Bank Account
  • Pick-up services for submission of KYC documents
  • Pick up services for instruments like demand drafts, pay orders, clearing cheques, etc.
  • Delivery of pay orders or demand drafts

Remember, such services are only for elderly, physically challenged, or disabled individuals. If you do not fall under any such categories, you cannot avail yourself of them.

Entertainment privileges

Such a Signature Experience includes a range of sports and entertainment perks for its customers. Some of them are:

  • Exclusive access to golf events at domestic and international airports
  • Complete access to movie premieres
  • Offers on spiritual holidays, curated seminars, etc.

Educational concierge

Funding your child’s education abroad is expensive. Hence, some banks offer overseas educational concierges to help compensate for the finances.

Medical assistance