Only some people know why many wealthy people buy a house in West Lake, Tay Ho District. Why are so many foreigners renting in West Lake apartments anymore?

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Why are many foreigners renting in West Lake apartments anymore?

The following reasons can be cited, such as:

  • In terms of feng shui, West Lake (also known as Tay Ho district) is the head of a dragon, sucking in fortune and looking out over the Red River, so it is in a great position of great sand.
  • Nature is endowed with a lake called West Lake, the largest in Hanoi’s capital, more than 500 hectares wide, so feng shui is charming, creating fresh air and developing tourism, rest, entertainment, and relaxation. , cycling on the lake, jogging
  • With synchronous and high-class facilities equipped right next to the house, standard services for a modern resort such as a 4-season swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, gym, Highland cafe, Starbucks, supermarket, spa, sauna, restaurants, eateries, and other entertainment facilities..vv
  • Convenient location, schools, markets with international schools in urban areas Ciputra, Starlake, Vuon Dao… and just 20 minutes to go straight to Noi Bai-Hanoi airport. True to the sentence “most near-sighted, second near-range, three near-road.” It only takes 15 minutes to go to Hoan Kiem district, 5 minutes to Ba Dinh and Cau Giay districts, and 10 minutes to Dong Anh…
  • Infrastructure for transportation, telecommunications, electricity, water, and security is perfect. Perfect protection, there are no places for the poor or workers to reside, never flooded due to the complete drainage system.

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  • People are gentle and honest, love beauty, lead civilized life, and preserve the environment.
  • These are considered the main reasons for the rich to increasingly look to “good land” in the true sense of the word. They buy houses to live in, rent out and even invest with high returns. As a brokerage floor operating sincerely in the Tay Ho area, both in 2 main areas: high-class real estate leasing, mainly for foreigners, and real estate buying and selling for customers. The properties for sale include apartments, alley houses, townhouses, villas, and villas in large urban areas such as Ciputra, Starlake, Garden of Peach…

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