Why Beginner Vapers Should Try Nicotine Salt Vapes

The long list of evidence that vapes are safer than cigarettes is not the only reason this smoking alternative is more popular these days. New vapers can enjoy flavours familiar to them through the nicotine salt vape options.


Nicotine salts are the ideal type of juice for beginner vapers looking for rich flavour, whether regular tobacco or something more unique. This article will tell you why.


Reasons Why Nicotine Salt Vaping are Beginner-Friendly

If you’re fresh off cigarette smoking and transitioning to vaping, nicotine salt vapes can help you enjoy these benefits.


Nicotine salts are safer than regular nicotine in tobacco leaves.

Although nicotine salts come from natural tobacco leaves, they come in salt crystals. Unlike harsh freebase e-liquids known for their high alkaline and pH levels, salts have lower alkalinity and offer a smoother hit.


It also helps that vape devices heat the salts instead of burning them, leaving you with a smoother vaping experience.


Unlike cigarettes, vapes are known for their strong hit and thick clouds. The use of salt promises a more comfortable and fresher hit without affecting the delivery of the tobacco flavour that you love.


Crystalised nicotine is delivered faster into your bloodstream.

Transitioning to vaping with nicotine salts helps you get the right amount of nicotine into your bloodstream. Satisfying your nicotine cravings will eliminate the possibility of side effects. Typical side effects include headaches and fatigue, common cigarette withdrawal symptoms.


More importantly, knowing your nicotine dosage and adjusting it according to your needs. The right dosage will help regulate your smoking habit and transition to nicotine-free liquid juices.


Salt-based nicotines have better flavour balance.

Unlike liquid nicotine, salt-based mixed with other vape flavours are more balanced. Whether mixed with citrusy, minty, or fruity bases, nicotine salts will never overpower these signature tastes.


Nicotine salts can also neutralise other strong vape juice flavours, such as cherry, caramel, and cola, to deliver a smoother hit. With nicotine salts, there’s no need to worry about a harsh, burn-tasting hit; you can expect only the best flavour.



Nicotine salts are easy to transition to.

If you still want more reasons to quit smoking and start vaping, choosing nicotine salts can help you regulate the habit.


Disposable nic salt vapes, for example, offer a similar sensation to traditional cigarettes, eliminating exposure to toxic carbon monoxide, tar, and other harmful chemicals released from burning tobacco. Despite avoiding exposure to chemicals associated with smoking, vaping nicotine salts will avoid depriving you of enough nicotine levels to satisfy your needs.


Regulating your nicotine salt dosages by lowering your nic salt strength will also help you gradually adapt to healthier nicotine levels. Whether you are slowly reducing your intake to quit or simply replacing your smoking habit with vaping nic salts, you’ll enjoy these benefits!


If you want to buy your first vape device and nic salts as your starter, get your kit from a trusted vape store to enjoy the benefits mentioned here!