It is well known that IBM iSeries has been accredited for stability, performance, and reliability and continues to serve many enterprises today. Enterprises use iSeries systems to host mission-critical applications and workloads. The benefits this integrated system continues to deliver to major organizations and sectors are undeniable. However, like other legacy systems, the iSeries platform also requires robust maintenance and support to function seamlessly.

One of the major challenges for organizations running iSeries systems lies in finding the right talent experienced in iSeries maintenance and support. Finding and employing in-house professionals to organize various aspects associated with iSeries maintenance could be a tedious task for any organization. Enterprises need to invest substantial time, and resources to obtain the best team for the administration of the whole IBMi infrastructure.

This is where outsourcing comes in! Organizations can partner with the right IBM iSeries maintenance services provider via an outsourcing model to obtain comprehensive support and administration.

Introduction to IBM iSeries Systems

As said before, iSeries is an integrated system established around 1988 by the IBM. This integrated system consists of exclusive hardware (AS400), an operating system, and other core functionalities like a combined database. This system is ideal for hosting applications that require incredibly high performance and minimal downtime. As per recent statistics, 28,149 enterprises are using the IBM iSeries systems to host resource-intensive applications. This data alone proves that iSeries systems remain indispensable for businesses and offer various advantages over other power systems.

Why iSeries Maintenance is Important

Enterprises save a lot of corporate and application data on iSeries systems. However, legacy systems like IBM i possess outdated data security measures, which can seriously impact the company’s reputation by setting data at the risk of a breach. Moreover, without enabling integrations and synchronization, enterprises using iSeries systems can’t experience the required agility and meet vital business needs. That’s why, iSeries maintenance and support is important. Through steadfast maintenance, enterprises can enhance the efficiency of iSeries systems and reduce the margin for error. Without sufficient maintenance, iSeries systems can become inefficient and hard to operate.

Why Outsourcing iSeries Maintenance & Support Services is Ideal

Outsourcing IBM iSeries support and maintenance services to a recognized company is a viable solution for organizations. By outsourcing iSeries maintenance, organizations can keep their legacy server platforms functioning at an optimal level. Enterprises can have ongoing access to skilled professionals who work as an extension of their in-house team to enable transformations that will keep iSeries systems dynamic for years ahead.

The outsourced iSeries maintenance experts perform effective health checks and assessments. These include comprehensive performance evaluation and identification of opportunities for integrating new technologies and platforms with iSeries systems. For instance, by integrating the Cloud-native platform with iSeries systems, organizations can improve the legacy application’s security, scalability, and resiliency, while reducing operational costs.

Let’s look at some of the key services provided by outsourced iSeries maintenance partners:

  • Remote Monitoring – Outsourced maintenance experts can remotely monitor the performance of iSeries systems and can resolve operational challenges by implementing agile strategies
  • Remote Backup – It is imperative for organizations to have a backup system while hosting applications using the iSeries system. Hence, outsourced support services providers can effectively incorporate a fully managed remote data backup for iSeries system users. This remote backup arrangement acts as a secure secondary location for enterprises to store corporate and application data.
  • AS400 Migration Support – Outsourced maintenance experts can perform application mapping to understand interactions and interdependencies between legacy application components. Based on the mapping outcomes, experts determine whether a legacy application should be migrated to Cloud via batch-job migration or need full rearchitecting/reengineering.

Reasons to Outsource iSeries Maintenance and Support Services

1.Greater Scalability

With end-to-end IBM iSeries system maintenance from a professional service provider, enterprises will be able to easily scale their application and meet evolving business needs. Through strong management and communication, outsourced iSeries support experts can ensure controlled administration and complete transparency of the maintenance processes. This way organizations can have a firm control on their budget.

Enterprises can also communicate their problems with the ease of chat, calls, and emails so that the hired maintenance experts can accomplish all the tasks remotely. By offering uncompromised quality maintenance, the outsourced experts help businesses get the most out of their iSeries ecosystem.

2.Overcome Migration and Upgrade Challenges

Managing iSeries systems using internal IT teams is a complicated task for enterprises. Performing IBM i upgrades and migration can be complicated, especially when an enterprise hasn’t employed skilled experts. For instance, implementing an upgrade from IBM i 7.1 to 7.3 version may be fairly easy for IT teams, but the extensive modification or migration to Cloud can result in complications that require an advanced level of expertise to resolve. The older the system, the more challenging it will be to migrate due to the substantial coding alterations. Challenges associated with IBM i upgrades and migration are key motivating factors for outsourcing iSeries maintenance.

Having access to professionals, who have successfully implemented upgrades or accomplished iSeries server migration enables organizations to eliminate potential pitfalls that can cost money, time, and operational efficiency.

3.Improve ROI

With dedicated experts managing iSeries infrastructure, enterprises can boost the chances of obtaining a higher Return On Investment (ROI). Through outsourcing, enterprises don’t need to waste their capital on hiring separate in-house talents, providing physical space, and associated overhead costs. Besides, organizations can make their IT teams focus on core business operations and level up processes to achieve new business goals and heights. Outsourced iSeries support experts or teams can organize all the IBM landscape operations, and can help businesses drive more returns.

Summing Up

Outsourcing can act as a viable option for enterprises that are looking to scale their IBM i infrastructure. Through adequate support and maintenance, outsourced iSeries experts can manage and scale up the IBM i environment and ensure greater business continuity. Accordingly, enterprises can easily fulfill present and upcoming objectives and gain a competitive edge.